Makita DTW1001Z

Makita DTW1001Z 18V Impact Wrench Review

If you have been using power tools over time, you must be aware of the Makita brand. This brand is well-known for making high-quality power tools including saws, impact wrenches, and other power tools. Among the impact wrenches delivered by this top brand, the Makita DTW1001Z stands as one of the best. This impact wrench is meant to handle different projects and materials with ease.

We will be discussing more about the power tool in this article.

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The DTW1001Z Overview

The Makita DTW1001Z impact wrench is equipped with a powerful motor that can handle most projects and materials with ease. Its adjustability is another feature that is worth looking into. This fella comes in at 3.7kg. It isn’t as lightweight as such, but that shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you are not drilling screws overhead, you won’t find it difficult to use this tool. You can choose the mode that best suits your project needs for excellent results.


Most people consider the power of the tool first before they purchase it. The power of the tool should be enough to handle your projects. In other words, you should consider the power of the tool based on the project you intend to handle.

Here, you get a power tool with a 500W brushless motor. This motor is powered by an 18V battery that will easily handle most screw driving projects. The best part is that the motor is brushless and it gets rid of the carbon brushes. In turn, the motor will run cool and have a longer life. Even better, the motor is electronically controlled to optimize the battery to run 50% longer per charge.


With the motor on this Makita DTW1001Z, you will get top speeds of up to 1,800RPM. Luckily, the speed can be adjusted to meet your project needs. Along with that, the tool offers you 2,200IPM and three electronic impact power selections. You can choose either hard, soft, or medium. Each mode is best suited for a specific application. This means that the power tool will let you handle different projects easily.


This power tool will not disappoint in its torque delivery. The impact wrench is made to loosen a tightened bolt effortlessly. You can use it to loosen bolts tightened to a torque of up to 1,700Nm. But this is not the actual torque of the tool in reverse mode.


Nobody would want to use a power tool that will give them a difficult time when handling it. Makita understands that, which is why they have designed this impact wrench to offer you easy handling. The ergonomic design of the impact wrench will give you more control when working with it. It also comes with a trigger that is placed conveniently for you to press with the index finger effortlessly.

Even better, the handle of the DTW1001Z impact wrench is molded to offer you a better grip at all times. The back of the handle is partially rough to prevent your hand from slipping if it gets sweaty. If you will be using it with a pair of gloves, you will have an even more stable grip.

Drilling Capacity

The wrench comes with a 19mm square driving shank, along with a standard bolt capacity of m12 to m30. For the high tensile, you can use m10 to m24. This offers you a wide range of drilling options. It reminds you that you can use the wrench on varied applications.


The 18V Lithium-Ion battery of this tool will let you work on projects without the need for constant recharging. It is also made to offer you a longer life while delivering the most power. However, you will need to purchase the battery and charger separately.

LED Light and Accessories

Like most impact wrenches, this one also comes with LED lighting. The only difference is that this tool offers you two LED lights. There is also an electric brake for safety purposes. There are no drill bits or other added accessories with this unit.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Brushless motor for a cool and maximum operation
  • Offers you 3 impact stages
  • Dual LED light
  • Nut-bursting torque of 1700Nm


  • The charger and batt are sold separately


The Makita DTW1001Z impact wrench is a good unit to add to your tool arsenal. Its delivery is top-notch, and so is its user experience. Above all, this unit can easily handle both high and low-demanding projects.

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Makita DTW1001Z Rating


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  • 3 stage power selection
  • Standard bolt m12 to m30
  • 3/4" Square driving shank
  • Nut busting torque 1,700 Nm
  • LED job light

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