Makita DTW1002Z

Makita DTW1002Z 18V Impact Wrench Review

Over the last few years, there have been so many wrenches that have hit the market but not many of them perform as well as the Makita DTW1002Z. Top-quality tools made by top brands are not cheap and cost a lot of money. One thing is certain, buying this gets you a tool that is impressive in terms of its power, durability, power setting, and portability.  If you want extra accessories, those need to be purchased as they don’t come with the tool. Below is a look at the key features in more detail.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Impressive power – Power is one of the most important features that determine whether someone will buy a tool or look for another. In the power department, you will realize that this tool doesn’t disappoint and excels. This tool can deliver 1800 RPM and 2200 IPM thanks to the 18V Li-ion battery that powers it. You will be amazed at how quickly you’ll breeze through your tasks.
  • 3 power setting – Makita DTW1002Z has 3 power settings for you to use for your tasks which are soft, medium, and hard. You can change between the 3 depending on what you’re working on to tighten effectively.
  • Maintenance-free tool – The brushless motor in this tool helps it run smoothly and extends with lifespan because debris and anything that might cause it to malfunction or break the inside components is kept away.
  • Portable – Larger Tools are the hardest ones to store and find space for. They are also the most tricky to travel with if you have to get from one job to another. This tool’s dimensions are perfect and make it easy for you to store it in your office at work or home in your garage. 


  • Electric brake – Many injuries happen when people lose control of their power tool or fail to stop it in time. This feature lets you stop the tool from rotation quickly which can minimize the risk of injuries.
  • LED job light – This light is a great addition because you can work in dark rooms or at night.  This lets you see what you’re working on because it can be hard to see in poorly lit areas.
  • Durable – Makita DTW1002Z is made out of two of the strongest materials around which are plastic and metal. Both of these combine to ensure that you have an incredibly durable tool that can withstand punishment and show no signs of wear or tear.


  • Might be heavy for some – With a weight of 3.13kgs, this tool might be too heavy for some people and be bulky for general use. This can cause tiredness or fatigue very easily causing delays in finishing tasks. If you have a few light tasks you need to perform, you are better off buying a tool that’s lightweight because this might cause damage to materials.
  • Doesn’t come with accessories – For as good as Makita tools are, they don’t come with accessories which is a major drawback. The accessories of this tool can be bought online or at your local store.
  • Expensive – Tools that are made by some of the biggest names in the industry don’t come cheap. This tool from Makita is a high-end model wrench and it is one of the most expensive models around. If you are looking for something that offers you top quality performances all the time and are willing to splash the cash, this is the ideal too for you. If you are short on funds and want a wrench you can use on projects occasionally when they come up, you are better off buying less expensive models.

Final Thoughts

Overall if you want to take your tightening skills to a whole new level, the Makita DTW1002Z will help you get there. It is a fantastic purchase from occasional DIYers or professionals alike because it has all the features one desires. Its impressive power, settling, and LED lights allow you to work in dark areas and tighten a variety of screws at the push of a button. While you might need to buy extra accessories and its weight can be an issue for some users, the quality you get is unquestionable even if it’s your first time with a power tool.

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  • Variable speed control
  • Twin LED
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Battery-powered

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