Makita DTW190Z

Makita DTW190Z Impact Wrench 190Nm Review

Impact wrenches is a great tool that every mechanic has to carry in their toolkit as it can be used to loosen or tighten lug nuts, rusted or frozen fasteners or even large bolts and can become handy in any high-engine torque circumstances. The Makita DTW190Z impact wrench is a tool you can count on for any situation; it is a heavy-duty impact wrench fit for large construction projects, tool manufacturing, and equipment assembly or even just to change your flat tire.

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It can tackle a number of operations for fixing your garden or yard, cutting, polishing, metalworking, woodworking or drilling at your home or job, the DTW190Z is fit for all.



  • Lightweight and compact tool that weighs only 1.7 kg or 3.7 lb., which makes working with the tool comfortable and efficient.
  • The electric cordless impact wrench is battery powered and requires an 18 V lithium-ion battery that is easy to handle and manage.
  • It has a setting for high speed ranging from 0 to 23,000 revolutions per minute with the highest fastening toque that goes up to 190 Nm.
  • The impact rate can reach up to 3,000 impacts per minute and the tool has a low sound which can only reach up to 94 dB to 105 db.
  • The chuck size or the maximum size of the drill bit that is featured on this tool is 1/2” it can tighten or loosen standard nuts or bolts with M8 to M16 or high tensile nuts or bolts from M8 to M12.
  • The impact wrench DTW190Z is only 176 mm in total length which makes it perfect for use in high work areas as it is easy to use.
  • It is set to have a low vibration rate for the comfort of the user that can reach up to 8.5m/sec2.


  • The electric and cordless Makita DTW190Z is a compact and carefully designed tool for utmost effectiveness. It is a lightweight and compact tool that weighs only 1.7 kg and is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery.
  • The tool has a long run time and the performance of the wrench stays consistent and does not decrease with the battery percentage.
  • The tool has been carefully designed for maximum efficiency and ease, the ergonomic structure of the tool provides comfort as the handle has been lined and fitted with rubber for a better grip of the tool.
  • The DTW190Z is also fitted with an LED light that is designed to illuminate the workspace or work area for maximum accuracy.
  • The tool features an electric brake that cuts off power and motor immediately to reduce risks of accidents and variable speed trigger along with rotation settings like forward and reverse rotation that changes the direction of the driving shank for optimum performance.
  • The total length of the tools is only 176 mm which is pretty small in size, this makes Makita DTW190Z impact wrench favorable when used in high places or places that are high to reach.


  • The tool has a low torque output and very few speed settings.
  • The battery is to be bought separately which adds to its cost.

Technical Specifications:

  • The power source is an 18V lithium-ion battery.
  • The lightweight and compact, only 1.7 kg.
  • Impact wrench DTW190Z has variable speed options ranging from 0 to 23,000 revolutions per minute with an impact rate of up to 0 to 3,000 impacts per minute.
  • It has the capacity to drive standard bolts from M8 to M12 and tensile.
  • The finest or best tightening torque setting is 190 Nm.
  • Ergonomic and comfy design with an LED fitted for illuminating the work area for perfect results.
  • Tool’s total length is 176 mm which makes it favorable to work with.
  • Rotation settings can change the direction of nut driving shank from forward and reverse direction.
  • The tool is fitted with an electric brake to avert mishaps and the low vibration and sound delivers favorable results with maximum ease


The Makita DTW190Z is a durable tool as Makita is a reputed and prestigious tool manufacturing company; this tool is perfect for professionals as well as beginners and DIYers. It is proportionate and well-adjusted when it comes to functionality and design. The tool features a powerful motor that is fit for heavy-duty as well as day to day tasks and operations.

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  • Speed control
  • Electric brake
  • LED job light
  • Rubberised soft grip
  • Pre-glow

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