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Best Milwaukee Impact Wrench Reviews (UK Models)

A Milwaukee impact wrench is a very well known tool that produces plenty of power and top-quality performances. With plenty of Milwaukee wrenches sold in UK stores and online, finding the best one for your tasks is easier said than done. This article will look at 8 high-quality wrenches made by Milwaukee that are a favorite for many DIYers and professionals.

Milwaukee Impact Wrenches: Our Top 8

Milwaukee M12FIW38-09.6Check
Milwaukee M12 FIWF12-0 9.6Check
Milwaukee HD18HIWF4029.4Check
Milwaukee 2860-209.4Check
Milwaukee M18BIW12-09.2Check
Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-09.2Check
Milwaukee M12BIW38-09.0Check
Milwaukee M18ONEIWF12-502X9.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Milwaukee M12 FIW38-0

Milwaukee M12FIW38-0

First on the list is the M12 FIW38-0 and it has a maximum torque of 339 Nm. The Brushless motor offers longevity and prevents overheating plus its compact design allows you to use it in tight spaces. This Milwaukee impact wrench is fitted with a Redlink plus intelligence system which enhances performance under load and protects the battery. The impressive LED light will illuminate any workstation you find yourself in and the 4 mode drive control offers you control and precision at all times.


  • The LED light provides you with a detailed look at what you’re working on especially if you’re in a dark room.
  • Offers you plenty of precision and control thanks to the 4 mods drive control
  • The Redlink plus intelligence technology improves performance and protects the battery
  • Despite the price, many customers are very impressed with the quality they get from this tool
  • You can travel easily with this tool if you are a professional who works on projects remotely


  • Some customers have said that while the tool performs well, it is not durable and shows signs of wear very quickly.

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2. Milwaukee M12 FIWF12-0

Milwaukee M12 FIWF12-0

With a ½ inch anvil with a friction ring, the M12FIWF12-0 offers you easy and quick socket changes. This feature is very common with Milwaukee tools on top of the 4 moss drive controls allowing you to make adjustments and maintain precision depending on the tasks you’re working on. It has a mode 4 auto shut off feature which prevents the fasteners from over-tightening.

At just 125mm in length, this Milwaukee impact wrench is very compact and easy to use in tight spaces. The bright LED lights give you a chance to work in poorly lit places and the powerful brushless motor offers you a torque of 339 Nm. To prevent any overload issues, it is equipped with a Redlink Plus intelligence system which increases its performance.  You can also monitor how much battery life you have left and the strong materials used to make this tool one of the most durable on this list.


  • You will be much more accurate working with a tool that has an LED light like this one in the dark or night time than one that doesn’t have it
  • Plenty of customers praise this tool because it is user friendly and a joy to work with on a variety of materials
  • This tool has a lot of positive reviews online from customers who say it is very reliable and versatile
  • The compact design makes it easy for you to work in tight areas without feeling restricted
  • You will have no problems finding storage space for this tool


  • Accessories like the charger and batteries are not supplied upon purchase since this unit comes bare
  • The price of this tool on the UK market divides opinion

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3. Milwaukee HD18HIWF402

Milwaukee HD18HIWF402

Not many tools in the UK market can outperform the HD18IWF402 because of the amazing features it has. For quick and easy socket release, it has a friction ring. The Milwaukee impact wrench also has a 4 pole frameless motor which gives you a torque of 610 Nm. This is ideal for someone who deals with tough materials plus Redlink technology which protects the battery from issues like overheating.

Speaking of working on tough materials, this wrench is perfectly designed for tasks like automotive work,  mechanical fastening, industrial construction, and steel fabrication. It has a fuel gauge that lets you see how much battery life you have left before it runs out. Lastly, it has a lightweight and ergonomic design which allows you to use it for a long time without feeling tired.


  • Very light and compact design meaning it is very easy to use for a long period without one feeling tired or suffering from any strains
  • You can use this tool for hours without feeling tired because of its ergonomic design
  • Redlink technology protects the battery from damage and extends its battery life
  • Perfect for a wide of tasks around the garage at home or work site


  • Some customers believe that this tool while good is overpriced just like the one above.

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4. Milwaukee 2860-20

Milwaukee 2860-20

This Milwaukee impact wrench has a brushless motor that delivers up to 2400 RPM for maximum productivity. What this tool also has is Redlink plus intelligence which helps deal with problems that plague so many wrenches on the UK market like damage and overload.

The impressive run time you get is provided to you by the Redlithium battery pack you need to install in it. With a 3 mode drive control system, you can maintain control at all times. With a lightweight and compact design of only 6.7 inches, you can use it in tight spaces. The LED light it has, improves your visibility in dark rooms and for maximum bit retention, it has a pin detent anvil.


  • A very powerful tool that handles everything thrown at it very well
  • Very easy to use since it only weighs 1.81kgs and is very easy to store
  • It has an ergonomic design meaning it can be used for a long period without one feeling tired
  • Value for money and worth every penny because it comes from a well-known manufacturer
  • Offers you plenty of freedom to move around since it is battery powered and not have to worry about being tangled up in wires


  • You need to purchase accessories since it comes bare
  • Doesn’t have the best runtime when compared to other wrenches on this list

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5. Milwaukee M18BIW12-0

Milwaukee M18BIW12-0

What’s great about this Milwaukee impact wrench is it has multiple speed settings to ensure you’re accurate and precise at all the time. There is very little vibration when you’re holding this tool meaning you don’t get tired quickly and your results are top quality. At just 155mm in length, it is very compact and easy to use in the tightest of spaces at home or work. For maximum performance, it has an impressive 4 pole motor.

The Redlink technology fitted in this room offers durability and longevity by preventing damage to the battery as well as discharge. It has ½ inch square drive which can be used on universal sockets plus it has an LED light. You get good results in both the day time and night time and using the Redlithium-ion gives you double the runtime and power to get your work done quickly.


  • Milwaukee is a brand that many people are familiar with and love
  • Is compatible with all M18 batteries of other tools made by the manufacturer
  • The body has a very strong build which makes this tool one of the most durable wrench in the UK market
  • You don’t have to worry about wire and possible trips and falls since it is cordless


  • Costly because you need to buy accessories separately because it doesn’t come with any

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6. Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-0

Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-0

Another excellent wrench sold on the UK market belonging to the Milwaukee family is the M180NEFHIWF12-0. This tool can deliver 1356 Nm which is amazing when put up against any product on this list. Thanks to its compact size of 213mm, it allows you access to tight spaces and very easy to store as well as travel with. It has a 4 mode drive control which gives you 4 different speeds to work with including 750 RPM.

It is a versatile Milwaukee impact wrench that can handle a wide range of applications. Whether you are passionate about DIY or work in a garage, there are not many tools in the UK that have the level of performance you get from this tool. If you happen to own other Milwaukee tools that use M18 batteries, you can take those same batteries and use them on this one too. Lastly, it features what is known as ONE-KEY tool control which allows wireless tool customization for better results and productivity.


  • It has an ergonomic for prolonged use without one feeling tired
  • Will work using Milwaukee M18 batteries from other tools
  • Great design making it durable for use either at home or work
  • Impressive speed thanks to a very powerful motor
  • The compact design makes it very easy to store as well as travel with


  • It doesn’t have an LED light meaning you can’t use it in low visibility areas or rooms

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7. Milwaukee M12BIW38-0

Milwaukee M12BIW38-0

The 7th wrench to make the list is this 154mm ⅜ inch M12BIW38-0. Just like every other Milwaukee impact wrench on this list, it is a high-performance tool that can be used in confined spaces due to its wonderful size. Redlink technology is also present on this tool as it prevents the tool from overheating and extends the battery life.

This Milwaukee impact wrench is durable because of the materials used to make it and a ⅜ inch square drive making it usable with universal sockets. It has an optimized handle which provides you with better grip and control. It has an LED light for use in low visibility areas and the Redlithium-ion battery pack gives you twice the run time and power.


  • Economical tool because the battery system it has works with all Milwaukee M12 batteries of other tools
  • LED light for you to work comfortably during the night or workstations with little light
  • Great design because it is very durable and can be used in tight spaces
  • Fitted with Redlink technology to minimize problems like overheating


  • The switch controls are very comfortable for most users
  • The batteries of this tool can be really hard to find on the UK market if one doesn’t know where to look

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8. Milwaukee M18ONEIWF12-502X

Milwaukee M18ONEIWF12-502X

Last on the list is the M180NEIWF12-502X and this Milwaukee impact wrench has 4 modes that you can use to get done. The 4 different speeds allow you to get the best results depending on what you’re working on. You also get a super bright LED light that lets you work in poorly lit areas and the reversible belt clip allows you to hang the tool as soon as you finish working.

This feature alone makes this tool very easy to store plus you can also link it to your smartphone for better performance and control thanks to the ONE-Keyct app. What makes this app very special is it some with predetermined set up for various materials. This helps you fasten and get work done very quickly than most tools in the UK market. When you have the settings you want that give you the best performance, you can save them and not worry about resetting them.


  • Can be linked to your smarter for performance and better control thanks to the ONE-Keyct app
  • Has an LED light which illuminates dark rooms or workstations
  • Impressive speed settings for maximum performance at all times
  • Durable and able to withstand harsh conditions because of the materials used to make it


  • The tool is very heavy at 6 kgs compared to others on this list which can make it tricky to use for beginners.
  • On top of its bulky build, this tool is very expensive and not ideal for those with limited funds.

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Final Thoughts

Overall Milwaukee wrenches are made for both home use and workshop use because they are powerful, strong, versatile, and deliver high-quality results. While many people feel that Milwaukee charges a lot of money for their tools, they are often good value for money with very few complaints from customers compared to other models. The features that all the 8 products mentioned in the article bring to the table outweigh the cons. Since they are battery powered, the only thing you have to worry about is the runtime and purchasing extra accessories. Other than that, this manufacturer knows how to cater to both professionals and DIYers when it comes to making good quality wrenches.

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