Milwaukee M12BIW38-0

Milwaukee M12BIW38-0 Compact Impact Wrench Review

While the Milwaukee M12BIW38-0 may not be high on many people’s lists when they are looking to buy a wrench, it performs and delivers excellent results despite the price. Its compact design gives it a wonderful edge over its peers because you can use it to work in tight places. It has some of the best features you will find on a wrench and below is a detailed look at all of them.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight – Its compact design of 165mm in length means working in tight areas will not be an issue for you. This is part of the reason why many people choose to buy this tool plus it is super lightweight. It is very easy for you which reduces fatigue and lets you work for longer.
  • Heavy-duty full metal gearbox – This feature gives you maximum torque and incredible durability that is hard to find on many other wrenches today. A feature like this is mostly present on high-end models manufactured by top brands but Milwaukee showed innovation and style to add this to their M12BIW38-0 tool. It makes this tool one that any DIY or professional must own.
  • ⅜ inch square drive – A tool that offers universal use is every DIYer and professional’s dream. This feature means you can use this tool with universal sockets giving an edge over other tools.
  • Optimized handle – This feature means you are in control of the tool all the time because you’ll have a tight grip. This minimizes the risk of injury because many people who work with power tools get hurt when they lose control. It is great to see a company that takes the safety of its users very seriously.
  • Runs using a RED LITHIUM- battery technology – This incredibly strong battery gives you twice the battery life, twice the runtime, and 20% more power. Not only will you work quicker, but you can work for longer too thanks to its amazing durability.
  • REDLINK Intelligence – When you use a tool like a wrench for a very long time, it might overhead. This feature allows you to use your wrench without worrying about it overheating which prolongs its lifespan and increases performance.


  • Innovative design – The mechanism design that Milwaukee went more means you can fasten quicker allowing you to finish plenty of jobs in a day.
  • LED light – Milwaukee M12BIW38-0 has an LED light that is built into it which enables you to work in dark rooms. Sometimes you can find yourself in places that are poorly lit and this feature comes in handy for such occasions.
  • Ergonomic handle – The handle on this tool is very soft, narrow, and offers users an impressive grip. This ensures you are comfortable using this tool for a very long time without getting tired because the majority of jobs performed in garages can be very exhausting.
  • Flexible battery system – The tool can work with all Milwaukee M12 batteries saving you a fortune. If you own any of these batteries at home, all you have to do is spend money buying the tool and not have to buy the batteries all over again.


  • Battery-powered tool – The only thing one might find frustrating is the runtime. Since it is battered powered which is the approach many companies are taking those days, the power stops when the battery runs out and needs to be charged. It is different from corded tools that will give you unlimited power as long as they remain plugged into a socket.
  • Price tag – Anyone looking to buy a Milwaukee tool has to know that they are cheap. They are some of the most expensive products on the market and this tool divides opinion as many people find it a bit expensive. If you choose to pay the asking price, you will have no regrets because you’ll be getting your hands on a tool that is excellent value for money.

Final Thoughts

Every garage, DIYer, or professional needs a battery-powered wrench Milwaukee M12BIW38-0. It is extremely portable and technology that enables it to give you more power, more run time, and great battery life. The ergonomic design makes it easy for you to use without straining your hand or feeling tired. The LED light gives you the ability to work in the dark if you didn’t manage to finish your tasks during the day time.

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M12BIW38-0 Rating


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  • High performance
  • Compact
  • REDLINK overload protection
  • Durable
  • Optimised handle

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