NoCry NOCRY44 20V Impact Wrench

NoCry NOCRY44 20V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

NoCry is a small power tool manufacturer with a huge claim. The company claims that the work and safety equipment industry has products that are far from perfect and that these products are long overdue for a wake-up call. So, it entered into tools production. NoCry NOCRY44 is a cordless 20V impact wrench that stands fully in-line with its producer goal. That is to go above and beyond in creating top-notch tools that enable any DIY, home improvement, or professional project to happen better, safer, and faster.

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The NOCRY44 offers very excellent impacts per minute and the right torque for superior overall performance. It is suitable for tightening and loosening lug nuts, large screws and bolt, major construction projects, and automotive repairs. The tool is also ideal for product assembly and heavy equipment maintenance.

Some Unique Features Of The 20V Impact Wrench

  • Variable speed control: To tighten or loosen different lug nuts require a varying amount of speed and torque. Precisely, for heavy tightening operation, wrenches will need to move at a higher torque but slower pace. On the other hand, faster revolutions per minute will provide a lesser driving force. For that reason, this device offers a user-controlled speed of up to 2200 rpm to suit most work operations.
  • High motor power: The combination of high torque and high impacts per minute provides sufficient power for heavy operations. However, in some cases, specific motors provide less speed but high IPM that offers enough power to work on large nuts and bolts. Such is the case of this device. While it gives an average torque of 400Nm, it provides a robust 2700 maximum impact rate.
  • Forward and reverse direction button: For an impact wrench, a forward movement of the motor produces its tightening ability. In the same way, to loosen any nut will require the machine to go in a reverse direction. So, like every excellent quality wrench, this one provides a button to facilitate an easy change of the device’s course.

On many wrenches produced by this company, selecting this button might prevent the machine from working correctly. However, there is a reduction in the rate it happens, although it is not complete. 

  • Cordless: A 20V battery powers the entire operation of this device. For that reason, it is suitable for work areas without the luxury of power supply or distances cables cannot reach. Even more, the device features a fast charging option of only two hours after the battery fully drains.

Other Features

  • Brushless motor technology: This motor type is the foundation of smart devices. Smart devices can communicate with its battery to optimize their performance and prevent overheating of its parts. Also, because of this feature, this wrench can last ten times more than its counterpart and is 40 percent more efficient.

This technology also eliminates the maintenance cost of frequently servicing or oiling the machine even after heavy use.

  • ½ inch detent anvil: This feature makes the device suitable for removing tires from cars, motorcycles, trailers, commercial vehicles, vans, and lorries at 2200rpm.
  • Insulated grip handle: This NoCry 20V power tool operates at high speed and relatively high torque. So, it is only natural for its part to vibrate. However, vibration on any handheld device may cause severe fatigue after use even after being uncomfortable to handle. Like every other high-end wrench, this one provides a soft-grip, insulated handle to reduce the vibration that gets to its user.
  • Battery power level indicator
  • Belt clip

Product Warranty

NoCry 44 comes with an outstanding 4-year warranty alongside a money-back guarantee that can allow buyers to return the machine within 30 days of purchase.


  • It delivers high impacts per minute
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of operation
  • Superior quality construct


  • Pushing the reverse button switch on some machines may prevent the device from working properly


NOCRY44 is an excellent tool. Although the manufacturer is new, the design and overall performance of the machine in both tightening and loosening operations is impressive. The only drawback of the device is the defective forward / reverse switch. However, the company’s excellent warranty on this product caters for the problem. So, for heavy-duty, professional use, or a novice’s DIY project, this machine fully suits both operations.

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NoCry 44 20V Rating


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  • Nut-busting torque: 400N.m
  • Speed range: 0-2200rpm
  • Fastening torque: 350N.m
  • Impact rate: 0-2700ipm
  • Weight: 2.59kg

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