Silverstorm 593128

Silverstorm 593128 – 400W Electric Impact Wrench Review

Today, we are going to be reviewing Silverstorm 593128 – one of the most robust impact wrench in the market, by taking a look at its features, specifications, and the reasons that pertain to why you should or shouldn’t buy.

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The 593128 Overview

This impact wrench has a variable trigger; a feature most expensive ones don’t have. And if you’re into working with bolts and nuts as an engineer, or perhaps another DIYer, this tool is a must for tightening smaller fasteners. With it, you can tighten up to 16 bolts and more. The machine has a torque of 990nm, and is able to work on even the toughest of metals, aluminium and so on. Overall this is a great tool at a great price, with sturdy and enticing features. Now, let’s have a run down at some of these features.


When it comes to performance, the Silverstorm 593128 Electric Wrench is second to none.  Made to succeed in automotive, engineering environments and boasting power-to-weight ratio, the machine houses a combination of 350 Nm of torque, and 4000 ipm maximum impact rate, which enables users to effortlessly free or tighten bolts and fasteners, where a cordless impact wrench or less powerful model would struggle to pull out such performances. So, if you’re looking out to buy this wrench, be rest assured that it is very powerful and competent, thanks to its sturdy torque.

Utility and Comfort

Not only is this powerful tool portable, it has some reasonable amount of brute force and consistency in its work delivery. Furthermore, using this device gives the assurance that there won’t be any abrupt power disconnection, as a result of low battery voltage. This is because the wrench is a wired machine that doesn’t depend on batteries, but electricity to carry out its function. So except there is no power, you can always use this machine whenever and no matter how long you want. 

Flexibility and Control

In regards to how flexible the device is, its solid torque presence is highly variable through the pressure-sensitive trigger. In other words, a user can afford to exert as much, or as little power as necessary, depending on the application at the time. In addition to its flexibility, the Silverstorm 593128 comes with a simple forward/reverse switch, which helps in making for a fast activation toggling between the loosening and the tightening functions. And in respect to the machine’s level of control, it has a rubber moulding on the handle, which doesn’t only make the handling of this device easy and comfortable, but also helps in making it more stable, through the reduction in the machine’s vibration when in use.


Coming with a four-piece socket set, including 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 23mm hardened steel sockets, and a ½ inch square driver, makes the Silverline Electric Impact Wrench compatible with averaged sized sockets. Lastly, the wrench is designed with a 2 M power cord.

Main Features

• It has a high torque output which enhances fuss-free automotive work.

• It comes with a forward and reverse modes, which enables for fast insertion and removal of nuts and bolts.

• It features a Four-piece socket set: including 17, 19, 21 and 23mm sockets.


Finish:        Plastic

IP Rating:       IP20

Power:          400W

Blows/Impacts Per Minute:    0 – 4000/min

No Load Speed:     3200rpm

Max Torque:         350Nm

Product Weight:     2.37kg


  • Excellent tool compared to most as the variable speed makes it so much more user friendly.
  • Great control as a result of its body interface and design. {However, do not press and bang, the trigger is actually quite sensitive and will let you undo and redo the nuts slowly. Lots of power too, so be warned).
  • It is very powerful, and produces high performances, thanks its combination of 350Nm of torque, with a 4000 ipm max impact rate.
  • It is flexible and provides for more accuracy, while being used to drill or screw bolts and nuts.
  • Has a lot of additional varieties.
  • The price is friendly.


  • It is fairly durable.
  • It under delivers in terms of performance sometimes.


In a nutshell, the Silverstorm 593128 impact wrench is a powerful tool. However, as per claims from some dissatisfied customers, they are of the view that it underperforms and isn’t always as durable as we’d expect it to be. Other than that, this is the ideal tool for screwing and drilling. Cheers!

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Silverstorm 593128 Rating


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  • Max torque: 350Nm
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Weight: 2.38kg
  • 1/2 inch square drive
  • Power: 400W

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