VonHaus 3500007 20V

VonHaus 3500007 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench Review

VonHaus is a manufacturer of various products ranging from torches, vacuum cleaners, storage, furniture, heating, and power tools. The company based in Manchester, UK, and stands out in the market for its top quality products at affordable prices. The VonHaus 3500007 is a top-selling impact wrench of its power tool division. That is because it offers excellent overall performance as compared to some competitors in the industry. 

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The impact wrench comes with a cast aluminum gear head that is stronger and more durable for prolonged operations. Alongside an excellent construct, the tool provides many high-end features suitable for removing rusted-on and over-tightened nuts. 

However, it is ideal for tightening and loosening bolts, nuts, large screws, lug nuts, on automotive repairs or DIY tasks. 

The 3500007 Unique Features

  • Variable speed trigger: A controllable adjustment of the speed and torque is an essential feature for any top-quality wrench. That is because to tighten or loosen different lug nuts require a varying amount of power. For heavy construction work, a higher torque at low speed is the requirement. On the other hand, high speed and smaller torque suits DIY or less energy-demanding tasks. With that in view, the VonHaus 3500007 provides a button to alter the speed and torque the motor supplies.
  • Relatively high power motor: This tool’s construction is ideal for light task or DIY projects. The device comes with a relatively powerful maximum torque of 250Nm. Also, like other high-end wrenches, it offers the typical maximum impact rate of 2700 IPM. This combination, although average, provides the needed power for most construction projects. 
  • Direction Switch: Tightening or loosening lug nuts with a wrench will require changing the direction of the device. Precisely, a clockwise movement of the anvil tightens nuts, and the converse is for loosening operations. So, the tool comes with a switch that changes the rotational direction of the anvil.
  • Brushless motor: This motor type is superior to the brushed kind. That is because brushless motors come with fewer moving parts, as such, improved durability. Also, they provide higher torque and less maintenance cost. This wrench can communicate with its battery to prevent overheating of its part because of the brushless technology. Lastly, the technology makes the wrench forty percent more efficient and ten times the lifespan than the brushed ones.

Other features

  • Cordless: High-end battery-powered tools come with a 20max battery for optimized power and time. In line with that, this machine features the VonHaus 20V Max Lithium-ion D Series. Also, it has a fast battery charger that charges the battery fully in 75 minutes after 30 minutes of no-load run time.
  • Rubberized handle: Impact wrenches operate at high speed and relatively high torque. For that reason, they vibrate when running. However, running the machine with much vibration can cause severe health risks and fatigue. This wrench comes with an insulated handle to reduce the vibration sent to the operator. Also, the rubber grip improves the tool’s handling and stability when in use.
  • Lightweight: Handheld power tool like wrenches requires operators to hold them while in use. So, working for a long time with a light and powerful tool is the best option. This tool’s gear head craft is of cast aluminum. Therefore, it is light, sturdy, and very durable.
  • ½ Square Drive: The VonHaus 3500007 comes with a detent pin that utilizes a spring ball bearing on the side of its square end. This pin provides an improved torque delivery and robust socket retention. Because of that, the device is ideal for automotive operation at 2200RPM
  • Belt hook

Product warranty

Like all the battery power tools from this manufacturer, this impact wrench has a free extended 2-year warranty. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construct
  • Superb overall performance


  • Relatively low torque
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty operations


VonHaus 3500007 20v Max is a sleek, ergonomic impact wrench that delivers a whole excellent performance. However, when compared to other high-end products in the market, it may come short. That is because the device has a reasonably low torque and unfit for heavy-duty operation. Albeit for light projects, the device will not disappoint. The excellent warranty and money-back guarantee is a plus.

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