WORX WX279 18V 20V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

WORX is a brand known for delivering top-rated power tools and accessories that perform well while being available at an affordable price point. They also make impact wrenches, and the WORX WX279 model is one of their best units out there. If you are out looking for a reliable impact wrench that will be easy on your pocket while giving you an amazing delivery, this impact wrench will suit you perfectly.

We would recommend the tool to you, but let us offer you more information for you to make a more informed decision.

What’s the price?

The WX279 Overview

The WORX WX279 Impact Wrench comes with a compact design, and only weighs 3kg. The lightweight and compact design allow you to easily fit it in the confined space for easy operation. It is also designed with sturdy construction to assure you of a long-lasting machine. There is a brushless motor onboard that allows you to enjoy high speeds and torque. Furthermore, this tool comes with a powerful battery that lets it handle multiple applications with ease. Best of all, this impact wrench comes at an affordable price of less than £150.


While other highly-priced units come with an 18V battery, this fella offers you a powerful 20V battery system that powers it to accomplish different applications with ease. Thanks to the 20V Lithium-Ion battery is designed to run the brushless motor onboard. With this motor, it is made to deliver 50% longer runtime while still maximizing its delivery. Besides that, the motor will run cool as it prevents overheating.


Anyone would want to know the delivery of the power tool in terms of the speed and impact rate. Knowing this will let you decide if you can pick the impact wrench, and if it can meet your project needs accordingly.

That being said, this fella delivers a no-load speed of up to 2900RPM. However, this can be changed, thanks to the 3-speed design that lets you choose the right setting. Here, you can choose the setting that meets your project needs accordingly. You can also go for the 2100RPM or the low-mode, 1300RPM.

On the other hand, you enjoy the variable impact rates of 1600bpm, 2900bpm, and 3300bpm. All this allows you to handle different projects at a go.


The torque delivery of this tool is satisfying enough. WORX allows you to choose the torque range of your choice or the one that suits your project needs perfectly. The WORX WX279 impact wrench offers you variable torque of 100Nm, 180Nm, and 300Nm. It might not feature the nut-busting torque, but this powerful tool is not useless. You will handle most projects with ease.


We loved the ergonomics of this impact wrench. It lets you enjoy comfortable and easy handling as you work with it on your projects. It is designed to optimize the center of gravity with perfect weight balance. There is also a molded handle that offers you a sure grip while preventing slippage. Keep in mind that the tool is compact and lightweight for better control.

Drilling Capacity

The impact wrench is designed to work with any 0.5inch impact socket. You can also use any fastening adapter of the same size on this tool. Ideally, this would make a good impact wrench if you intend to use it on automobiles or if you will be driving lag bolts.


The 20V battery on this power tool is designed for extreme performance. Furthermore, you can use the battery on any WORX 20V power tool that you have. With this, you can be sure of having a reliable unit at your disposal.


As you would expect, this unit comes with an LED light onboard. The light allows you to work under low-lighting conditions without any problem. Luckily, the light will turn on before you start driving the fastener and it will stay on a few seconds after you are done with your projects.

It doesn’t feature a lot of accessories, other than the charger, and one belt hook.


  • Lightweight and compact design for better control
  • 20V battery is powerful enough
  • Offers you 3-speed options
  • The battery can be used on other WORX 20V power tools
  • Features an automatic LED light


  • The torque is slightly limited for some projects


The WORX WX279 impact wrench can be a good addition to your arsenal. It is very affordable, comes with sturdy construction, and offers you easy handling and amazing control. Above all, you get variable speed options to match your project needs.

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WORX WX279 Rating


Our Rating



  • 3-speed Design
  • Brushless motor
  • 50% longer runtime
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

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