Clarke CSG1C

Clarke CSG1C Air Stapler Gun Review

The Clarke CSG1C is a high-performance tool that can shoot out 120 shots a minute and a large-capacity magazine. Having this tool on your arsenal will enable you to be more effective when you work as well as do your work quickly. Prices of tools that have the 2 features mentioned above are high however, this tool offers them to you at a very affordable price. Below is a detailed look at some of its other main features.

What’s the price?

The CSG1C Key Features

  • High capacity magazine – The magazine capacity on staple guns can be the difference between getting things done quicker or taking long. A gun that has a low magazine capacity needs to be reloaded from time to time which can slow you down. High capacity magazines require very little reloads and that is what this tool gives you. The magazine capacity of the Clarke CSG1C staple gun is 180 staples which is more impressive than most models. They aren’t many tools on the market that can give you this level of capacity without charging you a fortune.
  • Amazing operating pressure and versatility – The pressure on this tool varies from 60 – 100 psi (4.1 – 6.8 Bar). Having this amount of operating pressure in your hands means you’re able to use this door on a variety of light tasks. It also has an impressive air consumption of  0.4 cfm per stroke and can use a Type 71 22 gauge staple up to 16mm long.
  • Ergonomic design – Staple guns are tools that need to be held in your hands to use them and not only should they be lightweight, but should be comfortable too. The ergonomic design of this tool offers a high level of comfort to ensure it doesn’t slip from your hands while working thanks to the grip handle.


  • Handy little helper – Anyone who is a fan of a tool that offers high performance, as well as portability, will love this model. If repairs are your thing when you’re at home, this tool is easy to carry around because it weighs 0.85 kgs. You can put this in the boot of your car and it will not take up much space. If you don’t own a car, you can fit this in your backpack and take it with you on public transport. A tool that is as light as this one allows you to work on tasks for a long time without feeling tired quickly.
  • Easy to use – Since this is an air staple gun, it means it uses compressed air to work. It requires very little effort to use and its ability to fire 120 shots per minute allows you to get your tasks done quicker.
  • Value for money – The price you pay for this Clarke CSG1C stapler gun is affordable compared to other models. It gives you everything from a reliable design to incredible features that are found on high-end models.
  • Everything in the palm of your hands – From the moment you take this tool out of the box, you will notice some additional accessories. Some of the things you get include a set of 2 Allen keys and a special lubricant for the gun. You don’t need to worry about extra purchases because everything you need is available in the box. As a bonus, you will notice that the gun comes in a small moulded case that can protect it from damage.


  • Low-quality trigger – The only major drawback of this tool is the trigger. Many users complain about its low-quality build and functionality which can cause delays during projects.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs – If you have heavy-duty jobs at a job site, for example, you need to buy a more powerful tool because this one isn’t designed for such jobs. As pointed above, it does have a fragile trigger that can break when put under so much stress.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Clarke CSG1C is a well-made tool from a company that has years of experience under their belt when it comes to quality. It works well with type 71 staples which many DIYers and professional favor. Aside from this, the tool is convenient and easy to use. All this together with the pros and features mentioned above make this trusty companion for any professional and DIYer because tasks are done effortlessly.

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  • Operating pressure: 60-100psi
  • Magazine capacity: 180 staples
  • 120 shots per minute

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