Dewalt DCN660N-XJ

Dewalt DCN660N-XJ Brushless Framing Nailer Review

You can hardly find any power tool review without a DeWalt product on its top three picks. That is because the company produces robust and high performing tools. The Dewalt DCN660N-XJ also does not miss the top spot on many reviews. This model is a 16 Gauge Angle Finish Nailer that is ideal for fastening crown molding, baseboards, and casing.

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A lithium-ion battery powers the intelligent brushless motor of this DeWalt nailer. Although cordless, this motor can efficiently handle jobs that previously required a high power pneumatic tool. Its sturdy construct and heavy-duty overall performance also makes architraves, coving, dado, and skirting boards in place an easy task for this device.

The manufacturer of this power tool put a lot of attention to customer complains on its predecessors and covered for its deficiencies. Precisely, this model is lighter, quieter, and of longer runtime than every previous nail guns from Dewalt.

Some Unique Features Of The DCN660N-XJ

  • Tool-free depth adjustment: Depth control, commonly known as depth of drive adjustment, allows the user to choose how deep the nail should drive into a workpiece. This nailer comes with a simple twist dial for depth control. The feature is particularly useful when using the tool for a wide range of materials. 
  • Anti-jam feature: Generally, all nail guns will jam. Some do that frequently, while other high-end devices jam less often. DCN660N-XJ is high-end in quality. Even more, like other high-quality nail guns, this product comes with a mechanism to clear jam. Although the success, and how effective this function is, differs among brands and model. The product delivers an efficient, easy, and quick method to clear jams.
  • Advanced trigger mode:  Precisely, you can select between two trigger modes when you use this nail gun. First, it provides a contact trigger. This trigger type allows you to fire nails by holding down the trigger with your index finger after activating the contact safety tip. Also, you can select the safer and more precise sequential trigger mode for continuous firing. 
  • Dry fire lockout: Firing your nail gun without any nail in the magazine will damage the unit. Yet, you might entirely focus on your work and accidentally fire a dry nailer. This Dewalt tool affords you a dry lockout feature that will stop the gun for firing when there are only a few nails left in the magazine. Also, when this option triggers, an LED light will indicate that that the Dry lockout feature is active.
  • LED light: This nail gun comes multifunction lights to improve visibility when driving nails in tight or dark spaces where the lack of lightning impairs vision. Further, there LED lights on the machine for tool diagnostics indication. 

Other Features

  •  Brushless motor: Brushless motors are intuitive, last longer, and are more powerful than brushed motors. The brushless motor of this nail gun can interface with its battery to optimize the overall nailing performance. Plus, although the motor is highly durable, it does not need any oiling or servicing even after a heavy-duty operation. 
  • Cordless power tool
  • Inline magazine offers smooth operation in different orientations and tight workspaces
  • Mode select lever with BUMP mode option
  • Durable magazine can accommodate a range of 32 to 63 mm 16Guage nails
  • Magazine capacity of 110nails and angle of 20 degrees
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Brushless motor technology provides the power to fire 63mm nails into softwoods and 50mm into hard4woods

Product Warranty

The DCN660N-XJ comes with an excellent warranty. This warranty gives you confidence in the product’s build and durability. Correctly, this model has a 3-year limited warranty.

Also, the producer offers a 1-year free service maintenance. This service also covers for replacement of worn-out parts caused by regular use of the machine. Lastly, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee on this nailer.


  • Long runtime, less recoil and quick readiness to fire
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent value for its price
  • Large magazine capacity


  • Mostly sold as a bare unit

Conclusion And Buying Option

Dewalt DCN660N-XJ is outstanding, and we could hardly find a weak spot on this machine. The excellent warranty this model comes with speaks of the extent to which the company trusts its durability. Even more, we found out that this product excellently delivers a proper nailing operation. So, we recommend this angle nailer. 

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DCN660N-XJ Rating


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  • Sequential mode
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low running costs

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