DeWalt DCN692N-XJ

DeWalt DCN692N-XJ Brushless Framing Nailer Review

DeWalt is a leading company in the power tool industry. Even more, it is the first company to produce a cordless fix framing nailer. Yet, the advancement it makes on every new product is vast. Tagging a product as “DeWalt-standard” denotes excellent innovation, efficient performance, and high-quality construct. As such, the DeWalt DCN692N-XJ comes with improved performance, power, and lifespan. We can easily say that this power tool provides an excellent value for its price. 

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Also, the DCN692N-XJ does not need gas to operate. It combines a brushless motor with a superior, intelligent electronics. Hence, it lasts longer than many competitors. Those and many more reasons make this power tool suitable for almost all your needs. So, whether you are a woodworker or you carryout DIY tasks, this tool will be an excellent addition to your toolbox.

Some Unique Features Of The DCN692N-XJ

  • Brushless motor technology: This DeWalt nail gun features an excellent brush-free motor. That means, it offers greater torque to weight ratio, higher torque per power input. Even more, the motor of this tool provides better reliability and performance. Lastly, it produces lesser noise and will last longer than average.
  • Two-speed levels: This feature is essential because it saves you from buying many nailers for different nail lengths. Correctly, the tool comes with two selectable power levels that are suitable for all nail lengths. This speed level, along with the powerful brushless motor, allows superior nail firing. Precisely, you can fire a 90mm Ring Shank nail on softwood with this nail gun. Also, it offers 63mm nail fairing on hardwoods.
  • Quick firing ability and less recoil: Unlike other nail guns, this one comes with lesser recoil. It has a longer runtime and quick-firing ability. Even more, it has an improved lifespan when firing short nails. Also, it features a Unique Bump Mode that offers a higher production speed of 2 nails per second. More, this power tool allows sequential operation mode for precision placement.
  • Mechanical operation: Using gas to run nail guns is costly. Even more, pneumatic nailers require adequate and intense maintenance. Yet, the nailer uses a flywheel mechanic to provide the nail driving force. This operation allows consistent performance at temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. Also, mechanical operation means it requires low maintenance and service cost.
  • Ergonomic design: This nail gun comes with an excellent, easy-to-use design. This design requires lesser energy to operate the tool as the overall weight balances efficiently. Also, the design allows you to adjust the depth using the thumb wheel depth adjuster easily.
  • Excellent safety features: The DCN692N-XJ comes with many safety features. First, it hs a Dry Fire Lockout to prevent discharge when there is no nail in the magazine. Also, it comes with a Contact Trip Lock-Off feature to avoid firing of the fastener by accident. 
  • Reversible belt and rafter hook: This feature makes the nailer more portable and vast.
  • Versatile magazine: The DCN92N-XJ has a 30 to 34 degrees magazine angle. Also, it comes with a magazine capacity of 55 nails. 


The DC692N-XJ comes with an excellent warranty on design and parts. They are

  • Three-year limited warranty on parts and One-year free service maintenance.
  • Seven-year limited liability warranty 
  • Lifetime warranty on design

Furthermore, DeWalt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Care And Maintenance Tips

Although the tool comes with an excellent warranty, you should properly take care of your tool to increase its lifespan. Below are a few ways to care and maintain the device.

  • Always turn off the tool and disconnect the battery after use
  • Switch off the tool before making any change on its parts
  • Do not lubricate the tool or spray any cleaning solvent on it
  • Blow out dirt or dust from the air vents


  • Cordless
  • Excellent handling
  • Quick firing ability
  • Minimal recoil
  • Powerful firing capacity
  • High-quality construct
  • Superb overall performance


  • Some customers received broken and faulty tools 
  • Pricey 

Conclusion And Recommendation

Overall, the DeWalt DCN692N-XJ is an excellent tool. Based on proper findings and many positive customer reviews, we can also say that the product delivers all it promises. Hence, we recommend it. One little drawback is that it may break your budget. Albeit, the value for its price is excellent. 

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DeWalt DCN692N-XJ Rating


Our Rating



  • Increased portability and versatility
  • Ergonomic tool design
  • Cordless design
  • Gas free operation
  • Dry fire lockout

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