Hitachi NT65GS

Hitachi NT65GS Cordless Gas Finish Nailer Review

Not every construction site across the world has a power source or outlet that lets professionals recharge or power up their tools. If that is the case, it is wise to purchase a battery-powered tool like the Hitachi NT65GS. It has some amazing standout features that set it apart from others.

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The NT65GS Key Features

  • Strong battery – The Hitachi NT65GS comes with a very powerful and rechargeable 3.6V Li-Ion battery. When it runs out and there is a power source nearby you can charge or you can charge it at home before you head out to a construction site. It has a very impressive run time that allows you to get your tasks done.
  • Come with an AC and DC power adapter – If you own a car, the good news is you can charge this tool like a cigarette lighter on your way to work in case you forgot to do so at home. The addition of these adapters was very clever by the manufacturers who made this tool for those who work at construction sites a lot.
  • Quick charge – It only takes 60 minutes for the battery to fully charge and that is enough for you to fire 2000 shots. This is extremely amazing when compared to a gas-powered one where 1 tank allows you to fire 1200 shots.
  • Impact force – The amount of force that this tool generates is enough to drive nails through a variety of materials like thick wooden planks. This tool is also able to drive 25-65mm 16 Gauge straight finish nails.
  • Lightweight – Nail guns that are extremely bulk when it comes to weight can cause fatigue or even sprain on your arms if you use them for a long period. 
  • Metal hook – If you are a fan of wearing tool belts while at work, the Hitachi NT65GS has a metal hook that allows you to hang it on your belt for easy access.


  • Soft rubberized grip – Most manufacturers opt for a rubberized grip when it comes to their power tools because this material is comfortable to hold and will not slip from your hands. Hitachi went for the same option and ensured this tool has a rubberized grip for both safety and comfort for its users.
  • Portability – Transportation is one thing many people worry about when it comes to power tools. A tool that lets you get it from point A to B without any issues is Godsent. For you to easily transport this tool from one place to another, it comes with a hard case. This easily fits in the back seat of your car or your garage at home. 
  • Easy to clean tool – Some tools require you to put plenty of effort and time to clean them properly. You will realize after purchase the little effort you need to clear this nailer. You just take the rinse it, wipe and you’re ready to go again.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment – There is no need for you to have extra tools on deck to adjust the depth based on the material you’re working on. You can do that easily with this nail gun without having to worry about buying extra accessories.
  • Tool-free jam clearance – When you buy some power tools, they come with a hex key for occasions where they jam on you. If this tool jams, you don’t need a hex key to clear the nail because it has a tool-less jam mechanism that enables you to deal with this problem when it occurs.


  • Needs to be charged – This tool is battery powered which means it has a run time and when that runs out, you need to charge it. There is no endless supply of power which is the only downside of what is a fantastic tool with top quality features.

Final Thoughts

Even though this tool’s dimensions are considered large by many users, the Hitachi NT65GS is a very light tool when you hold it in your hands. When you hang it on your tool belt, it will not pull it down and the rubberized grip provides comfort. Despite this, you are recommended to wear protective gloves when using this tool just in case for extra protection. Whether it is on-site jobs or light DIY tasks at home, this tool is a great option for anyone and comes with a hard case for easy transportation.

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  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced design
  • Soft grip handle
  • Up to 1200 nails per fuel cell
  • Tool free depth adjustment

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