Makita AF505N

Makita AF505N Brad Nailer Review

When it comes to making power tools, names don’t get any bigger than Makita. Over the years they have produced some of the best and robust air nail guns on the market. Anyone from expert DIYers and professionals is full of praise every time they use tools made by Makita.

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One of the nail guns they are known for is the Makita AF505N. Anyone who has bought this tool has never been let down by its amazing features. The manufacturer did a very good job of making sure this product performs well without malfunctioning.

AF505N Key features

  • The air exhaust is located at the rear end of the gun that can easily be directed away from the user
  • Operation pressure 113 PSI
  • There is a tool-less depth adjustment that is located under the tool’s trigger which controls the depth at which a user drives the nails
  • This tool also has a tool-less nail jam clearing mechanism which helps you deal with any malfunction shall it happen
  • Spring-loaded magazine which enables you to refill the nail gun with ease
  • Magazine capacity of 100
  • An 18g nail gauge


  • Powerful brand name: As pointed out above, Makita is a very popular brand name in the power tools industry and they are known for making quality and highly accurate tools like this one for DIYers and professionals. They are a brand name that people across the world trust when it comes to nail guns.
  • Easy refills: Makita AF505N has a spring-loaded magazine which makes the life of a professional or DIYer very easy. This feature allows you to refill the nails with ease meaning you can get tasks done quicker.
  • Super lightweight: Coming in at just 1.4 kgs, this tool is not heavy at all making it very easy to handle when performing tasks. Heavy tools can strain your hands if used for a long period of time. You will need to take a break here to rest your hands for a bit before you begin working on your task again. Thankfully, anyone using this tool will not suffer from user fatigue because it is one of the lightest nail guns out there.
  • Easy jamming fix: Many tools that use nails can jam especially if they are cramped together. When a tool jam during use, it can make a task seem longer than it should. Thanks to the quick-release nose and tool-less adjustment, the tool can easily be fixed when it jammed ensuring you complete your task in no time effortlessly.
  • Efficiently designed: Expanding from the point above, this tool has a quick-release cam lock. This will open the nail guide assembly for you to clear any jammed nails.
  • Impressive multi-directional exhaust port and a dual nail reload indicator: The multi-directional exhaust port rotates 360 degrees to divert air away from the person using it. The dual nail reloads indicator on the other hand alerts you when it’s time to reload the nail. This prevents any blank drives in the middle of performing a job.
  • Durability: Made from very strong materials, Makita AF505N will not show any signs of wear even after many uses. If well looked after, you can have this tool in your possession for many years because it is very strong.
  • Easy to store: Anyone who is a DIY enthusiast or a professional will have many tools in their shed.  Having so many tools requires space and sometimes you can run out of space. Since this tool doesn’t weigh much and isn’t exactly the biggest, it can easily be stored in your tool shed without taking up much space.


  • Expensive tool: In order to get the best and most powerful products on the market, one has to be willing to pay dollars. Since this nailer has features like a max operation pressure 113PSI and a magazine capacity 100, you can expect to pay a high price.


Overall the Makita AF505N is one of the best nail guns you can buy because it is lightweight, 113 PSI and a magazine capacity of 100. It is very cleverly designed and the quick release nose and tool-less adjustment allow you to fix it effortlessly when it’s jammed. Even though the asking price is expensive for some people, one thing is certain. When you spend money on this nail gun, you will be getting a good quality tool.

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Makita AF505N Rating


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  • Rubberised soft grip
  • 360 degree exhaust
  • Body bumper
  • Magazine capacity: 100
  • Ultra narrow nose design

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