Makita AF506

Makita AF506 18G Brad Nailer Review

The Makita AF506 is made by one of the biggest names in the industry and it comes as no surprise that this tool is accurate, robust, and well designed. Many customers who have bought this tool are very pleased with what it has to offer. It’s one of the best nail gun out there.

Below is a look at the features you can look forward to when you buy this tool.

What’s the price?

The AF506 Key Features

  • Air duster – There is a button that needs to be pushed and when one does that, air from the compressor of the tool can be bypassed into the air duster. What this does is produce a strong air blast which is very useful for cleaning up your workstation or the piece you’re working on.
  • Slim nose tip – This feature provides you with easy access to the fastening point as well as increased visibility. It also allows you to shoot nails into confined spaces which makes it a very versatile tool to own. The nose adapter it has is one of a kind because it stops the surface of the workstation from being damaged or scratched.
  • Straight magazine angle – Makita AF506 can operate effectively at 70 to 120 psi / 4.9 to 8.2 bar. It also has a driving range of 18 Gauge brad nails from 15mm up to 50mm into hard or softwood applications.
  • Too less depth adjustment dial – This feature means you’re able to use it on a wide range of applications effortlessly. It is one of the easiest tools to use on the market.
  • Quick-release cam lock – This enables users to open the nail guide assembly for easily clearing jammed nails whenever that occurs
  • Slim soft grip – Power tools that have a poor grip tend to fall off people’s hands when they are being used. This results in thousands of injuries across the world however, when it comes to this tool, you have nothing to worry about. The slip soft grip offers a very high-quality level of comfort when you’re using this tool and a viewing window is there for you to check the number of remaining nails.


  • Accurate tool – The narrow nose that you see on this tool enables you to work in confined spaces comfortably without having to struggle. Your accuracy will not be affected in any way, shape, or form.
  • Great design – The overall design of this tool is a work of art and you can see the level of care Makita put in this tool. For easy and fast nail extraction, it has a tool-less easy to clear nose.
  • Precision – Not only does the Makita AF506 offer you accuracy, but you also get precision thanks to the tool-less depth adjustment dial. You can change the depth depending on the material you’re working on for a smooth finish even if you’re a beginner.
  • Convenient – You don’t have to worry about space when it comes to this tool because it has a hook you can use to hang it in your garage or workshop. Traveling with it is not an issue either because it can fit in your truck or your bag if you take public transport or cycle. On top of that, it has a built-in air duster that provides airflow to keep your surface clear of debris while you work.


  • Expensive – If you buy tools from a renowned company like Makita, the chances of you paying a high price are very high. This is a high-quality power tool and it has a very high asking price. You need to shell out a lot of money to have this in your possession however, you will not regret your decision to pay top dollar because of the features it provides.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Makita AF506 is the perfect definition of the term “you get what you pay for”. Power tools that are considered high end are usually packed with the best features and this one is no exemption. You can use it on hard or softwood applications with ease and every time it jams, there’s no need to buy or use any tool to clear the jammed nail. The air duster nozzle keeps your station clean and the view window lets you see how many nails you have left before they run out.

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  • Straight magazine angle
  • Nail length: 15mm-50mm
  • Nail gauge: 18G
  • Operating pressure: 70-120 psi
  • Magazine capacity: 100

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