Rapid PBS151

Rapid PBS151 Pneumatic Staple and Nail Gun Review

The Rapid PBS151 gives you versatility, amazing power, and top-quality precision. You can comfortably use this tool for tasks like high tempo furniture, paneling, cabinet making, finishing, and trim work. Rapid is a company that has been making stalling tools since it was founded in 1936. Decades of experience have allowed them to make this one of the most efficient, robust, and practical fastening products you can own. To ensure that your life is made easy when you pick this product, they packed it with some top-notch features.

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Key Features Of The PBS151

  • Great contents – When you take this out of the box, you will get 1 Rapid PRO PBS151 Pneumatic Staple Gun in carrying case, 200 staples and brads, 3 pneumatic fittings, and a hex wrench.
  • Comfortable grip – No one wants to use a tool that puts a lot of strain on their hands. This can lead to long-term health problems however, Rapid made sure that their tool is as comfortable as possible for users. You can work with this tool for hours without feeling any strain on your arms.
  • Offers versatility – The way the Rapid PBS151 is designed makes it ideal for narrow crown staples up to 40 mm and brads up to 50 mm.
  • No-mar pad – If you are one of those people who is scared to damage your work surface, this tool has a no-mar pad which prevents damage. This feature means you focus more on your tasks and worry less about your work surface as it will be free from any damage.
  • Lightweight – The main body of this tool is made from magnesium and weighs just 1.2 kgs. This material offers users durability and strength which are very important for those who intend to use this tool frequently. No matter what tasks you have at hand, you can perform them with this tool without worrying about it showing any dents or signs of wear. The diameters of this tool are as follows W x D x H:5 x 19 x 22.5 cm. This makes it very easy to store in your garage or workshop.


  • 360-degree adjustable air exhaust – This wonderful feature is there to keep work stations clean and improves accuracy. Dust is a normal part of working with power tools but this air exhaust does a great job when it comes to keeping your line of sight clear and debris free.
  • Quick loading system – Loading up new nails when the magazine is empty does take a bit of time however, this process is made easy on this tool thanks to the quick loading system.
  • Easy to clear mechanism – Jamming is something that anyone working with nail guns has to deal with from time to time however, many people rather not have to deal with this problem because it can be annoying. Rapid added this feature to enable users to remove jams easy and fast without having it interfere with their work.
  • Great for a variety of jobs – Power tools that can handle a large variety of jobs receive plenty of praise. The tool falls into that category because it is ideal for high tempo furniture, paneling, cabinet making, finishing, and trim work.
  • Very safe – Every time you pick up a power tool, you should always take your health and safety very seriously because accidents can happen at any time. To help minimize any injuries, the Rapid PBS151 has a contact trigger lock which will stop the tool from accidentally discharging nails. This is a very useful feature for less experienced DIYers as they are the ones who suffer from injuries the most.


  • Price – The only major issue that many people have with this tool is the price. They think it is a bit expensive and anyone on a tight budget should be looking at cheaper models.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the high asking price, the benefits of theĀ  Rapid PBS151 outweigh the drawbacks. What you get from this tool is precision and something you can use for fastening furniture, cabinet making, and paneling. The manufacturer did a good job with the design of this tool because it is lightweight and when compared to a manual stable, you can use this for a long time without feeling tired. It is also efficient thanks to a comfortable grip and an adjustable air exhaust.

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  • Colour and numerical system
  • Lightweight
  • Quick loading mechanism
  • Uses No.8 brad nails
  • Uses No.90 staples

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