Ryobi ONE+ R18N16G-0

Ryobi ONE+ R18N16G-0 16G AirStrike Nailer Review

The Ryobi R18N16G-0 is one of those tools that let you have a smooth polished finish on your projects. It is one of a handful of tools that offers you two firing modes to ensure you get the best results on what you’re working on. Below is a closer look at some of the key features you should know before you add it to your tools collection.

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The 16G AirStrike Key Features

  • AirStrike Technology – This feature provides users with a cordless experience when they pick up this tool. There’s no need to worry about wires getting in the way or accidentally tripping and falling. The AirStrike Technology also eliminates the need for a noisy compressor, expensive gas carriages, or bulky air hoses.
  • Finishing nailer – Ryobi R18N16G-0 works well with 16G (1.6mm) nails between 19 – 65mm long. These nails are used for projects such as mouldings around windows and doors, dado rails, baseboards, chair rails, furniture, and cabinets.
  • 2 non-marring pads – When working with power tools on a work surface, it is normal to leave marks. The 2 non-marring pads you get when you buy this tool minimize scratches and marks on your workstation.
  • 2 firing mode – The first mode is called contact actuation mode which is for rapid fastening. The second mode is called full sequential mode which is for precision.
  • Grip light technology – This technology is not found in many tools on the market and it engages LED by grasping the handle. You can also use it in the dark because it will illuminate your work area allowing you to see things.
  • Tool-less depth of drive adjustment – This will help protect your work surface and also allows proper setting of nail heads to suit the job you’re about to perform.
  • Lightweight tool – This tool is not heavy at all and it is very light when it is in your arm making it very easy to use. The lightweight design that Ryobi went for reduced fatigue, makes it easy to carry around as well as store.


  • Dry-fire lockout – This prevents the tool from working when there are no nails loaded into it. When one is juggling a variety of tools while they work, accidentally touching the tool can start it and drain the battery however, this feature stops the tool from starting up.
  • Tool-less jam release – Clearing nails when tools jam is not the most enjoyable task out there. The jam release on this tool was out there for easy removal of clear nails.
  • Low nail indicator – This feature lets you see when it is time to reload or put a new set of nails into the tool. This lets you carry on with your work without any hiccups.
  • Part of the ONE+ family – The 18V ONE+ battery that the R18N16G-0 uses is not only powerful but can be used on other ONE+ collection tools. You can simply buy the bodies of various tools like this and use this battery on all of them.
  • Affordable – Buying the body only of a tool like this one is much cheaper than buying the full product especially if you already have the accessories at home.
  • RYOBI small tool bag – For easy transportation, you are provided with a bag to store it in. This is very helpful if you have a car, cycle or use public transport. Searching for the perfect bag for your poor tool can be stressful and it is nice to see that the manufacturers can relieve the stress of their customers looking for a bag by providing them with one for free. 


  • Bare unit – This is just the body only and not the full product. You need to purchase extra accessories like batteries, chargers, and more to use them which can be expensive. 
  • Has to be charged – When you buy all the accessories and can use it, you will need to charge it after the runtime is over since it is battery powered. It is different from corded tools that will constantly supply you with power as long as they are plugged into a socket.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the fact that you need to purchase the accessories and do need to charge it, there are not many nail guns on the market that are better than the Ryobi R18N16G-0. It is part of the ONE+ family of tool which is a major bonus on its own coupled with AirStrike technology, 2 firing modes, and a comfortable grip, this tool is a must-have for all professionals.

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  • Grip-light Technology
  • Tool-less Depth of Drive Adjustment
  • Dry-fire Lockout
  • Tool-less Jam Release
  • Fires 16 Gauge nails

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