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Ryobi R18N18G-0 ONE Plus 18G AirStrike Nailer Review

If you are a woodworker or planning to do renovation then you will definitely be going to need a good nailer. Speaking of nailer manufacturers, Ryobi is one of the few brands that have revolutionized the nail gun industry and the Ryobi R18N18G-0 ONE Plus is one of their best offerings.

This 18G AirStrike nailer comes with the convenience of a cordless tool without giving up on performance. Powered by 18 volt lithium-ion battery, this nailer boasts of no fuel cell, no nitrogen chamber, and no hose or compressor to deal with. In this review, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the Ryobi ONE+ 18 Volt AirStrike.

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Dual LED Features

If you want to put holes more precisely in your furniture, you will need to work in a well-illuminated area. This nailer features two very bright LED lights on both sides. You can easily operate them by a simple button located just below the trigger. The lights are quite bright thus making it easier to see the work surface especially when you are working in dim light. The best part is that you don’t need to worry so much about their power consumption since they have little impact on battery life.

Higher Nails Per Charge

Since it is powered by a 4-ampere-hour Lithium-Ion battery, it has a magazine capacity of 105-brads and can fire one brad per second. The brads size ranges from 5/8-inches long up to 2-inches long. However, due to the brand’s unique Dry-Fire Lockout feature, this nailer cannot fire the last four brads to extend the tool’s life. According to the company, you can sink approximately 700 nails when the compact 18V, 24Wh lithium-ion battery is fully charged. The battery takes about 1 hour to recharge and you won’t damage it when you leave it on the charger.

No Need Of A Compressor

Have you ever worked with a pneumatic nailer before? If you have then you know how uncomfortable the experience is due to their continuous buzzing and shaking. Thankfully, with this 18G AirStrike nailer all you need is just a Lithium-Ion or NiCad battery as your power source. This means no compressor meaning no feeling uncomfortable when completing your tasks.

Depth Of Drive Adjustment Settings

One of the features that make R18N18G-0 ONE Plus more versatile and capable of framing almost any type of wood is its adjustable depth of drive setting. This feature allows you to easily adjust the nail’s depth to perfectly suit the application. You can drill any wooden surface to your desired level which makes it ideal when you want minimal patching.

Prevention Of Dry-Fire

If you value safety while working on your furniture then you will love working with this tool. Thanks to its dry-fire lockout mechanism, you don’t need to worry about safety when working with it. This useful feature enables the nailer to have maximum protection which in turn preserves its life. It also prevents the tool from causing any unintended damage to the workpiece.

Jam Releasing Mechanism

The R18N18G-0 nailer comes with a convenient mechanism that makes it even easier to use the tool. In case there is any clogging of nails in the magazine, the tool’s unique jam release mechanism helps you easily open up the magazine’s top part and clear it away.


The performance of the Ryobi ONE Plus depends on several factors including the volume of nails being driven, safety mechanism, the comfort of work, and faster operations. The 18G AirStrike tool performs best on solid and heavy hardwood like oak and maple. Basic performance tests have revealed that the nailer lives up to the manufacturer’s claims of driving up to 700 nails with the fastest operation. In case you need to recharge the unit, it will take you only 30 minutes to have it fully recharged.


Despite having a battery, it is still considered one of the lightest nailers – just about 5 pounds without the battery.

There are two very bright LED lights located near the firing head for illuminating all your operations.

It is very easy to operate, featuring just some mere dials and gauges.


There are no reference points to the adjustment wheel to let you see the exact depth you have dialed into.

When you are loading brad strips, you can easily jam up the magazine area.

The tool draws too much power from the provided lithium-ion battery.


Overall, Ryobi R18N18G-0 ONE Plus nailer is a great tool with very solid performance. It comes with plenty of power that makes it suitable for various heavy-duty carpentry and remodeling tasks like building cabinets, chairs, tables, and other wooden items. Also, several other unique features make it more convenient and economical compared to going the pneumatic way. While there are a few areas that may need improvements, to me this is an excellent value for your money.

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  • Low nail indicator
  • Compact
  • Cordless
  • Easy removal of nails

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