Silverline 269131

Silverline 269131 Air Nailer Stapler Review

The Silverline 269131 is made by a well-known company that is trusted not just in the UK but across Europe too. Silverline has an impressive range of power tools and this one meets the needs of occasional DIYers thanks to its rubber grip and lightweight design.

All the tools made by Silverline including this one go through testing to ensure it complies with safety standards and delivers quality to customers. Below is a look at some of the key features that this tool brings to the table.

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The 269131 Key Features

  • Soft grip rubber handle – This feature ensures you’re always in control of this tool without it slipping from your hands. The soft grip rubber handle is very comfortable and provides a high level of accuracy.
  • Lightweight – Very heavy Tools tend to cause strain on the hand and fatigue if used for a very long time. The manufacturer made sure that their tool is lightweight and easy to use to reduce strain and fatigue. If you occasionally do a bit of DIY at home, you will find this tool very useful to add to your collection. You don’t have to worry about hiring a professional to perform light tasks for you because you can do them by yourself.
  • Safety trigger – Silverline 269131 tool is equipped with a safety trigger that prevents it from accidentally firing. When a tool is accidentally fired, it can cause serious injuries and this feature ensures you and anyone around this tool are safe.
  • Versatile – This tool can handle jobs such as upholstery, trim work, crafts, paneling, and cabinet assembly because it drives 18 gauge brad nails. It is also able to drive type 90 and A-type staples that are between 10-32mm long.
  • Powerful – With a working pressure of 60-100psi, you have plenty of power in your hands to get jobs like upholstery, trim work, crafts, paneling, and cabinet assembly done effortlessly. It also includes a 6mm (¼ inch) male quick connector.


  • Environmental friendly – The products that Silverline makes are safe for the environment. They are run through a robust testing program that ensures they comply with environmental laws across the world.
  • Meets international safety standards – The safety of people who work with power tools is very important. Any tool that is not fit for purpose damages the reputation of the manufacturer especially if it causes accidents or injuries. Silverline made sure that this tool has some of the best safety features around to minimize the risk of injuries to its users.
  • Budget-friendly tool – With the cost of manufacturing going up everywhere, the market has seen an increase in the price of power tools. Silverline 269131, on the other hand, is very affordable and makes an excellent first gun for anyone new to DIY.
  • Doesn’t jam – People who use nail guns often hate tools that jam easily. This can set projects back which is the last thing anyone needs. This tool is very cleverly designed and can be used for a long time without it jamming.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty jobs – This tool is only designed for light jobs and doesn’t fare well when put under the strain of heavy-duty jobs. If you work at a building site, you are better off saving up more money and purchasing a more powerful model on the market because this one is very limited.
  • Not very durable – Since this is a very cheap product, durability is its major drawback. It is known to break very easily when pushed to the limits and since spare parts are Jed to find, chances are you’ll need to buy a new tool if your existing one breaks or malfunctions. This makes it a very costly tool to own and one should only use it for light jobs only if they want it to last for a long time.

Final Thoughts

The Silverline 269131 is that caters to beginners and occasional DIYers. If you’re looking for something that will get the light DIY task done like nailing large wood stocks, this is the tool for you. It is very cheap, environmentally friendly, safe, and will not jam on you while in the middle of your tasks. Even though it’s not durable and isn’t ideal for heavy jobs, it packs a punch thanks to a working pressure of 60-100psi.

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  • Lightweight
  • Soft-grip rubber handle
  • Safety trigger
  • Drives 18 gauge brad nails
  • Working pressure: 60-100psi

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