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Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer Review

With years of experience under their belt, Silverline has made well over 5000 power and hand tools that are used in people’s workshops, gardens, and homes. One of the most popular power tools in their range is the Silverline 282400. Just like every other power tool you buy from them, this one comes with unbeatable guarantees.

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It is guaranteed for three years, meaning that if anything happens to it within a 3 year period from the purchase date, the company might give you a new product or your money back. Not many power tool manufacturers offer customers this type of after-sales service when they buy their products. They really know how to look after their customers and below are some of the major features of the Silverline 282400.

282400 Air Features

  • Perfect for tasks like roof framing, flooring, fencing and decking
  • Has ¼ inch male quick connector
  • Ability to fire 50 – 90 mm clipped head nails with ease
  • Has a magazine capacity of 2×40 pieces
  • Compatible with nail shank diameters from 2.87 – 3.33 mm


  • Guaranteed for three years: Silverline offers customers get after-sales service and with this three-year guarantee, you can use this tool with your mind at ease knowing that should anything happen, you can get it repaired replaced or a refund.
  • Powerful nailer: With the ability to fire 50 – 90mm clipped head nails and a magazine capacity of 2 X 40 pieces, there is no denying that this is one of the most powerful nailers you can buy. The more power a nailer has, the quicker you can get tasks done. Its incredible firing speed allows you to shoot nails into both soft and hard materials without breaking a sweat. It also accepts nail shank dia from 2.87-3.33mm which is very impressive.
  • Versatile: This is one of the major things people love about this nailer, it is very versatile. DIYers and professionals like tools that are able to perform a variety of tasks because it saves them money buying a tool for each separate task. The Silverline 282400 features an adjustable penetration depth which makes it perfect for roof framing, flooring, fencing, and decking.
  • Sturdy body: Any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast will tell you that a tool that can take a massive amount of punishment or beating and still not show signs of wear is a winner in their eyes. There are so many tools out there that will crack easily after a few uses because they are not strong enough to deal with constant use. This cannot be said about this nailer because they made sure that it is made from aluminum which is known to be strong and sturdy. This allows you to use the nailer even in the harshest of environments and it will still be in tip-top condition for a very long time.
  • Lightweight: User fatigue is something that anyone using tools that are heavy for a long time suffer from.  They really did a great job of making sure that this nailer is very lightweight and convenient. You never have to worry about suffering from user fatigue because it will not strain your hand or strong-arm you when using it.


  • Transporting this tool isn’t easy: If you are a professional contractor and have to work at different locations, you will find that traveling with this tool isn’t easy. In order to get the best out of this tool, you need to use it with a compressor. This makes the nailer a pain when it comes to transporting it from one place to another.


The Silverline 282400 follows the same tradition as any other product made by this company in terms of being a top-quality performer, extremely solid and durable. Its amazing power makes it the perfect tool for fencing, roof framing, flooring and decking. It doesn’t matter whether it is soft or hardwood, you will be able to plant nails with ease thanks to this tool.

The only major drawback is it can be hard to transport this tool because it needs a compressor to be at its best. Other than that, what you get here is a versatile tool that is worth every penny.

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  • Magazine capacity: 2x40 pieces
  • Suitable for many applications
  • 10-12 Gauge

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