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Silverline 633524 18 Gauge Air Nailer Stapler Review

The Silverline 633524 is one of those tools you can buy with extreme confidence because it offers quality and safety. Using the best technology around, this staple gun can meet all of your demands and excel with flying colors. While many low-quality products will let you down after a few uses, this is a very reliable tool that is perfect for first-time users. It is high on many people’s shopping list because of the key features that will be highlighted below

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Key Features Of The 633524

  • Lightweight – The body of this tool is made out of aluminium which is a very light metal. It is not a very strong material but makes the tool easy to move around and store. The soft grip rubber handle ensures you are always in control when you handle this tool without fearing it will slip from your hands.
  • Different applications – When you buy Silverline 633524, you’ll be able to know that it is perfect for everything upholstery to trim work, crafts, paneling, cabinet assembly, and more.
  • Safe to use – Plenty of people across the world suffer injuries from staple guns that accidentally fire. To ensure safety for their users, Silverline installed a safety trigger on this tool which prevents it from accidentally firing. This minimizes the risk of injuries to not just the person using it but those around them.
  • Effective – Efficiency is why people pay top dollar for power tools and what you get here is a high level of it. This tool drives 18 gauge brad nails 10-50mm and 18 gauge staples 13-40mm. On top of this, it has a working pressure of  4 – 7.0bar (60-100psi) which is good enough for many light tasks. It also includes a wonderful ¼ inch male quick connector.


  • Great home assistant – There are not many tools that are ideal for home tasks like this one. The aluminium body of this tool is perfect because it reduces fatigue and makes it easy to use for a long time without experiencing hand fatigue.
  • Good price – Considering that Silverline 633524 is at its best when used for domestic jobs only, the manufacturers made sure that it is one of the most affordable. If you are working with a tight budget or low on funds, this is a great tool to buy that will not empty your wallet. It is made by a company that has received rave reviews for the quality of its products both in the UK and Europe for many years.
  • Environmental friendly products – Silverline is a company that looks after the environment. They do their part by making sure that their products don’t break any environmental laws across the world. They constantly test and improve their products to ensure customers buy tools like this one that doesn’t cause harm to the environment.


  • Only for domestic use – While top quality staple guns can handle both heavy and light tasks, the same can’t be said about this tool. If you take this tool to a construction site and use it on heavy-duty jobs, you will be disappointed. This tool lacks the necessary power and features to handle heavy-duty jobs and that is why it says “only for domestic use” on the box. 
  • Not durable – When people invest in a product like a power tool, they want and expect something that will be in their possession for a long time. Wear and tear are things that are unavoidable overtime with tools however the lack of heavy-duty materials in the build of this tool makes it fragile. It can break easily when too much pressure is applied meaning you either need to buy new parts or get a replacement. This is why it is only ideal for domestic use as pointed out above.

Final Thoughts

Despite the reservations people might have regarding its build, there is no denying that the Silverline 633524 is an amazing tool. The aluminium it’s made from sacrifices a bit of durability to make this tool easy to use because it is super light. If you have a few minor jobs that need to be done around the house, this is the tool for you because it is affordable. You will have no issues with your tasks thanks to the convenient handle, safety features, and strong working pressure.

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  • Aluminium body
  • Soft-grip rubber handle
  • Safety trigger
  • Working pressure: 60-100psi
  • 18 Gauge

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