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Silverline 868544 50mm Air Brad Nailer Review

The Silverline 868544 is perfect for anyone looking for a top-quality nailer gun at a low cost. With a pressure of between 60 – 100 PSI and the ability to hold 100 nails, this tool is not only powerful but also offers amazing capacity.  While cheap products make customers question the quality they will be getting, this power tool is filled with amazing features which will be highlighted below.

What’s the price?

The 868544 Key Features

  • Incredible contents – Buying the Silverline 868544 gets you 1 x Air brad nailer 50mm, 1 x ¼ inch quick connector, 1 x Bottle air tool oil, 2 x Hex key, and 1 x Instruction manual to ensure you use the tool effectively.
  • Powered by compressed air – This tool needs a pressure of between 60 – 100 PSI and can be filled with 100 straight gauge nails. This level of capacity will enable you to get your tasks done without laboring plus 18 gauge nails can be between 10 – 50 mm in length.
  • ¼ inch quick connects – This feature requires you to screw it to the body as soon as you take it out of the box with tape. You have to make sure it is sealed properly and it also requires a euro-style coupler on the air compressor’s air line for top quality mating.
  • Safety trigger – This feature prevents the tool from firing by accident when in your possession or accidentally dropped on the floor. Such a feature is a welcome relief for anyone afraid of getting hurt at the hands of a power tool. 


  • Doesn’t jam when properly looked after – What this room does better than other expensive models is when owners apply oil to it, it doesn’t jam often. Many users have pointed out that if you apply oil to this tool before you use it and after, you can use it for a longer period. This also extends its lifespan while in your possession because it won’t break or malfunction. The good thing is it comes with a small bottle containing the oil so that you can use it when needed. To further minimum jamming, you should always use high-quality nails only because anything less can lead to misfiring or even malfunctioning.
  • Can handle multiple jobs – You will be happy to know that this Silverline 868544 nailer is not just restricted to one particular type of job. You can use it on many jobs and it’s great for 2nd fix work such as mouldings, trims, panels, cabinets, laminate floors, and more.
  • Excellent design and build quality – When it comes to its design, many say that this nail gun excels in that department. The fact that it is ergonomically designed means users finds it comfortable to work with. Installing nails into the magazine can be a pain for those with little experience however, with this tool, this task is easy to execute.
  • Affordable tool – Silverline tools are known to be very affordable when compared to other big names. This tool is affordable for those who occasionally do DIY tasks and hope but don’t have enough money to buy expensive models. The budget-friendly approach that Silverline goes for with their products is the reason why they are loved by many people across the UK and Europe.


  • Heavy for some people – This tool is one of the heaviest nail guns one can purchase on the market. Weighing 1.5 kilograms, many users have reported that its bulky size makes it difficult to use at times.
  • Needs a tool when it jams – if it does happen that this tool jams on you while working, you need to use the Hex keys to deal with the problem. If it happens often, this can be tedious and frustrating compared to high-end models that don’t need any tools to deal with jamming.

Final Thoughts

Despite the weight and the need for a hex key every time it jams, there is no denying that the Silverline 868544 is an excellent product. It is easy to use, affordable, and can be used on a variety of jobs with impressive results each time. Its strong build means you are guaranteed to have this tool for many years as long as you follow the instructions manual if you’re a beginner and oil it often.

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  • Soft-grip rubber handle
  • Ideal for 2nd fix wor
  • Includes 1/4" quick connector
  • Max pressure 7.0bar
  • 18 gauge

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