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Stanley TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun Review

The Stanley TRE550 is a convenient, affordable, smooth, and effective tool that is suitable for a wide range of applications. With hundreds of models to choose from, the name Stanley doesn’t immediately jump out to a lot of people but many DIYer enthusiasts and professionals are full of praise when it comes to giving their thoughts on this tool. It has the features and the performance that rival the more expensive models. Below are some of the key features you’ll get when you use this machine.

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TheTRE550 Key Features

  • Long cord – Since it is not battery powered, you don’t have to worry about runtimes. You can use the Stanley TRE550 nailer for as long as you wish while it is connected to a power source. The endless supply of power gives it an edge over its battery-powered counterparts.
  • Quick loading – Every single nailer on the market today has a magazine capacity. Some have a very high capacity magazine and some have a low capacity machine however, what most people look for is how quickly a tool lets you switch magazines or reload. With this tool, you have easy access to the staple and brad insertion for quick and easy loading when the magazine is empty. This means you are not slowed down while you work and will complete your tasks on time without spending too much time swapping magazines.
  • Versatile tool – The one thing that you need to know when you buy this tool is it uses STANLEY SharpShooter TRA700 Series or Arrow T-50 heavy-duty staples and ½ inch, 9/16 inch, and ⅝ inch brads. You will see the best of this tool when you have these staples and brads.
  • Hi/Lo adjustment for a wide range of applications – This feature is wonderful because it lets you adjust the power of penetration based on the material you’re working with via a switch. If you know that you’ll be working on softwood, it is best to set it on Lo mode. Working on things like hard planks for example requires you to use the Hi mode to get the best results. This is a tool for many occasions and that is why it has gained in popularity over the last few years.
  • Anti-jam function – Reloading this tool is effortlessly less and a breeze however, jamming is something that can happen from time to time. Thanks to some innovative engineering, this tool has an anti-jam function which lets you focus more on your work and worry less about jamming.


  • Affordable – The price that this tool is sold for on the market is one of its major selling points. You know you will be getting a top-quality tool that performs like a high-end model at a low price hence why people like this gun.
  • Ergonomic design – The design of a nailer is top notch and is one of the most comfortable tools to work with. It has a very comfortable grip making it adjuvant and effective every time you put it to work.
  • Incredibly made trigger – The trigger on this tool is not overly sensitive like the ones found on other models because accidents do happen frequently with those triggers. You will find the one on the Stanley TRE550 responsive and sensitive enough to ensure you are in control every time you fire. You will not feel like you’re being overpowered when you pull the trigger.


  • The plastic will show signs of wear overtime – Even though the plastic used to make this tool is very sturdy and durable, constant use will wear it off overtime especially if you are a busy professional.
  • The cord might be short for some users – Some people might find the 8-foot long cord a bit short and wish it was longer. You might need to purchase an extension if you feel the cord isn’t long enough for your liking.

Final Thoughts

The Stanley TRE550 is a popular product among professionals and DIY enthusiasts because it is very affordable and simplistic. It may be missing some of the extra features found on high-end models however, what it brings to the table is more than enough to make a lot of people happy with their purchase plus it performs well. While the drawbacks can put people off buying it, one can work around them and get the best out of this tool by following the instructions found in the user manual.

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  • Anti-jam function
  • Soft grip handle
  • Extra long cord
  • Quick loading
  • Hi/Lo adjustment

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