Tacwise 181ELS

Tacwise 181ELS 1176 Electric Nail Gun Review

An electric nail gun is good to make your work easier and more comfortable. The Tacwise 181ELS is a powerful electric nail gun and a perfect tool for any kind of project, such as DIY projects, house renovations or professional woodworking.

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This electric nail gun is suitable for any types of surfaces varying from hardwood flooring, skirting, subflooring, cane furniture, softwood flooring, rattan furniture, cabinet paneling, door frames, or woodwork assembly. This lightweight, professional and compact electric nail gun will make working effective and efficient.  Let’s review this powerful tool.

181ELS Features:

  • Modern and upgraded tool is durable and perfect for all sorts of applications like insulation, flooring, 2nd fix, and general woodwork and paneling.
  • This compact and lightweight electric nail guns have been fitted with an all-metal magazine which gives the electric tacker even more durability.
  • The metal magazine can hold up to a 100 Tacwise 180 (15 to 35 mm) nails at a time.
  • The electric nail gun provides ample safety measures and features including a blow mold case and an advanced nose quick release system.
  • The quick nose release system averts immobility and stops the gun from getting stuck to the surface and guarantees smooth work.
  • The gun is corded and thus does not depend on batteries.


  • The gun has the capacity to hold about 100 brad nails at the time.
  • It can withstand heavy-duty operations, as it is compatible with interior and exterior woodwork.
  • The profusion of safety precautions and features provided with the electric nail gun make it just the thing tool for non-professionals.
  • The soft rubber nose prevents from starching the surfaces and protects surfaces from getting scuffed.
  • It comes with a portable and compact storage case which makes it very easy to transport from one place to another.
  • This lightweight gun is not only easy to handle but also well-balanced.


  • The gun is corded which becomes a hindrance and limits workspace. The lack of options for power source limits its scope as many other tools are battery-powered and hence more portable and compact. The short length of the cord causes to be an obstacle when working on larger surfaces.
  • The electric nail gun is powerful but sometimes misbehaves while working with hardwood due to the rubber nose.
  • Tacwise 181ELS has been carefully designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, it is simple to handle and uncomplicated, which makes it faultless for beginners.

Technical Specifications

  • The gun is very lightweight and weighs only about 5lb (2.42 kg).
  • The power source of the gun is electric and not battery powered.
  • The gun can fire up to 100 brad nails of 15 to 35 mm making work fast and efficient.
  • The soft rubber nose protects delicate and polished surfaces and provides clean and smooth operation.
  • The quick-release system helps in keeping the operations happening smoothly and averts the immobility of the tool.
  • All-metal magazine with a capacity of about 100 brad nails is extremely durable.
  • Tacwise 181ELS comes with a portable and easy to handle carry case making it perfect for any workers on the go.
  • The security and safety features are present in an abundant amount including an ‘on and off’ switch which becomes extremely helpful in case of emergency shutdown in situations like overload.
  • The single-shot trigger of the gun hampers any cases of accidental driving of nails.


All in all, Tacwise 181ELS is a multipurpose, comprehensive and well-rounded tool. It is suitable for professionals and non-professionals as it provides a lot of ease and comfort to work with. It is perfect for any trifle DIY tasks, day to day house maintenance or even heavy-duty professional construction and renovation woodwork. Its lightweight and compact design makes it excellent for handling and provides outstanding results. It comes with an easily portable carry case. Ample measures have been taken to make safety certain; an upgraded one-shot trigger has been incorporated to prevent any accidental nail drive.

The gun also has an on and off switch for electricity control. This product provides ease and proficiency to its users. This is the most powerful electric nail gun available in the market.So what are you waiting for just buy this powerful tool and start working on your DIY project today.

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Tacwise 181ELS Rating


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  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • Fires 180 nails 15-35mm
  • Two-tier safety mechanism
  • 100 nail magazine capacity
  • Metal magazine

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