Tacwise 191EL Pro

Tacwise 191EL Pro Electric Nail And Staple Gun Review

Having a nailing tool is one thing, but owning a device that can nail and staple all at the same time, is just amazing. This is why today, we are going to be looking at the Tacwise 191EL Pro nailing and stapling tool, which is widely known for its versatility. And without any further delay, let’s get on with it!

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191EL Pro Overview

The 191EL Pro Nail and Staple Gun are one of the best corded 50-millimeter nailer and 45-millimeter stapler. It is a multipurpose tool that anyone should have in their van or workshop. Ultra-fast lightweight, it’s a nailer and stapler all-in-one. It is perfect for a wide range of second fix or reconstruction tasks.

The new generation top of the range 191EL has an air tool magazine for fast, easy loading, a flip-open nail gat,  a belter and the compact nose, making it ideal for those hard-to-reach areas. There are three tiers of safety, an on/off switch, power light, and no safety device which must be pressed against the workpiece to fire.

Fast and easy to load, you can choose tacwise 180 nails, 20 to 50 millimeter and 91 staples from 20 to 45 millimeter.  To load the machine, flip open the magazine, play the nails or staples in, close the magazine, turn on the power and you’re ready to go. For optimal results, you will have to apply your second hand to the top of the tool, and avoid using long extension leads.

Overall, this is a tool that doesn’t gather dust and will last for a very long time, as long as you aren’t reckless in its usage. Now, let’s have a breakdown of its features.


In terms of performance, the device comes with a stapling load capacity of 100, and a nail capacity of 100 too. Thus, it can fire 91 staples up to 30mm, and 180 nails up to 35mm effortlessly.


The device is a vastly versatile nailer and stapler that can be used in working soft and medium woods, cabinet/woodwork assembly, cane/rattan furniture, display/shop fitting, door frames & skirting, drawer bottoms, exhibition/shows, external pelmets, fencing, gripper & thresholds, moulding & beading, netting/wire fencing, pet cages, runs & enclosures, picture/mirror framing, plasterboard, cabins, mobile homes, caravans, saunas, sheds & garden buildings, shoe repair, soft & medium wood flooring, staircase/bannister construction, subflooring/boarding out, tacking plasterboard/pre-screwing, tacking with glue applications, theatre/film scenery, trellis/panelling and window dressing. In other words, you don’t need to get a separate tool before you can perform all these tasks. All you need is the 191EL Pro device. Simply amazing!


The device comes with a single shot trigger, a safety on/off switch, rubber nose protector, and an ultra-quick release reloading system with a nail/staple refill window, that helps in preventing an occurrence of any nailing or stapling work-related accidents while using the machine.


Magazine Capacity: 100 Nails or 100 Staples 

Weight (kg): 1.8

Min. Firing from wall: 25 mm

Max. speed per minute: 30


Manufacturer: Tacwise

Manufacturers Part Number: 0327

eBay Category ID: 122828

Promo ID: 0

Retailer Barcode: 5018505017855

Package Height (cm): 27.1

Package Width (cm): 35.9

Package Length (cm): 8.1

Bullet 1: Proven reliable Tacwise technology

Bullet 2: Lightweight construction at just 3.64 Kgs

Bullet 3: High performance for the home or tradesman


  • It is lightweight
  • It is safe and effortless to handle
  • It is a multipurpose machine
  • Ideal for securing glued items to avoid movement.
  • It comes in a compact size for jobs that are difficult to access.
  • It is Great for getting into tight corners.
  • It is perfect for drywall lining with 91DP (different point) staples.


  • You can’t get all the nails to perform all at once
  • It often snags while in use


In a nutshell, not every nailing and stapling tool is as versatile as the Tacwise 191EL Pro. So, to save the cost of having to buy a separate tool that will cater for all your workshop needs, this very device can help you a whole lot. Get yours for yourself, and you will always live to be grateful that you did.

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  • 91 Type staples
  • 180 Type nails

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