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Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun Review

Tacwise is a dominant brand that produces hand and electric staplers and nailers. With over 50 years of experience, the company boasts of the widest quality program of these tools available worldwide. Also, their products boast of a hard-wearing, high-quality, feature-packed, and robust design. The Tacwise 400ELS is a fast and light electric angled nailer with many features.

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Although compact, it comes with an angled design that is suitable for working in awkward positions. The device is ideal for fastening wood and other second fix task. More quality nailers are listed here: Best Nail Gun UK.

Product Features

  • Adjustable depth of drive: The Tacwise 400ELS comes with an option that allows operators to control how deep the nail will go into workpieces. The feature is particularly useful for DIYers and other novice artisans when working on different materials. Although some competition only allows manual control, this product comes with a dial that activates this feature in a simple twist.
  • Two trigger modes: There are two selectable trigger modes on this nail gun for different purposes of use.A contact trigger that fires nails one at a time when the operator holds down the button with his index finger and activates the contact safety tip. The sequential trigger on these devices provides a safe, precise, and continuous firing of nails.
  • Jam Clearance: For any woodworker familiar with nails, it is almost inevitable for the nails to jam at some point. High-end nailers and low-quality ones differ by the frequency at which the tool jams and the ease of clearance. So, like every other device, this nail gun jams. Albeit, it provides a straight forward method to clear the nails.
  • Corded: The unique advantage of a corded device is that it entirely removes the worry of battery, chargers, and how long the device can operate. Even more, cabled devices eradicates the cost of fuel and the heavy noise of pneumatic tools. This nailer uses electricity as its only power source. Thus, it provides a generous amount of power for as long as there is electricity. 
  • Lightweight: Precisely, this device weighs only 1.8kg. For that reason, it stands out in the market despite its relatively low power and capacity. 

Other Features

  • Impact-resistant industrial body: Quality brands like the DeWalt and Makita come with unmatched features in the market. The Tacwise also has one. The build of any leading nailers of this company features a sturdy exterior that can withstand impact. Like the company’s high-end nail guns, this model also has that quality and durable casing. 
  • Brushed motor: Brushed motor can allow an alteration of the torque to speed ratio. Even more, an average technician can quickly redesign or repair the coil in case of damage or fault. It comes with a low overall construction cost also.
  • Reload indicator

Product Warranty

The Tacwise 400ELS comes with a 1-year guarantee. However, the owner must register this tool and produce proof of payment before the warranty applies.


  • Lightweight
  • Can easily penetrate tight area because of its angled magazine
  • It comes with a carry case for easy transportation
  • Excellent grip
  • Large magazine capacity of 100 nails


  • The cable is too short.
  • Not suitable for commercial or heavy-duty operation
  • Ideal for only 15 to 40mm nail length
  • The machine will not correctly work in humid areas


How do I remove a jammed nail from the tool?

  • The nailer has a neat, flipping nail gate for easy jam removal. To remove jammed nails, switch off the device and unplug it from the socket. Open the nail magazine and remove nails. We recommend that you use a pair of pliers to remove the jammed nail.

The nail does not fully penetrate the wood?

  • Precision tools that are coil-powered create a little upward force, more than air or fuel-powered devices. Hence, we advise you to use your second hand to improve stability by adding a slight downward pressure on the gun.

The nail gun trips the circuit breaker in your home?

  • Nailers draw a significant amount of current when fired. So, there are two ways you can solve this issue. First, you can remove other electrical appliances that may likely use high amperage. Alternatively, you can upgrade your fuse/circuit breaker to 30 amperes. 

Bottom Line

Tacwise 400ELS is a lightweight, ergonomic nailer best suited for beginner carpenters and DIYers. It provides excellent performance on light-duty tasks. However, the machine cannot withstand heavy operation, and it uses a smaller nail length.

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Tacwise 400ELS Rating


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  • Fast and lightweight
  • Compact tilted charger
  • Rubber grip
  • Removable hanging hook
  • Angled magazine

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