Tacwise A7116V

Tacwise A7116V Upholstery Air Staple Gun Review

If you are a professional upholsterer by trade, you need something that will help you power through jobs with ease. The perfect tool you need to buy is none other than the Tacwise A7116V Upholstery Air Staple Gun.

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There are many reasons why professional upholsterers recommend this incredible too to each other. It brings so much to the table. It has the ability to hold up to 180 staples at once, fire staples from 4-16mm in length, easy to use and operates between 60 to 100 PSI. Below is a round-up of some of its amazing features

A7116V Features

  • Holds up to 180 staples at once
  • Fires staples from 4 – 16 mm in length
  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect for many upholstery jobs
  • Operates well between 60-100 PSI
  • Safety trigger


  • Comes with a carrying case: During transit, power tools can get damaged if they aren’t put in a carrying case. When you buy Tacwise A7116V, you also get a carrying case and if you are a professional upholsterer, this is great news because you don’t have to worry about your tool getting damage on route to a job.
  • Powerful staple gun: It doesn’t matter the upholstery job you have to do, this tool is perfect because it operates between 60 – 100 PSI and holds up to 180 staples at once. It also has the ability to fire staples from 4-16mm in length which is good for any professional upholsterer.
  • It has a safety trigger: When safety measures are not followed properly, power tools can cause serious injuries. You can get seriously injured or injure someone else if your staple gun fires by accident. To prevent accidents from happening, Tacwise ensured that their tool has a safety trigger. This stops from accidentally discharging or firing nails.
  • It has a soft rubber grip: The one thing many people look for when they are shopping for a power tool is comfort especially if it is one they intend to use for a long time. A tool that is poorly made and not comfortable can cause fatigue and pain in your hands. The Tacwise A7116V has a very soft rubber grip which makes the tool very comfortable to use for hours.
  • High capacity magazine: When you constantly have to change your magazine during work can slow you down making you not finish your job on time. Am air gun that is able to hold a large number of stables at once makes life easy during upholstery jobs. This tool from Tacwise has a high capacity magazine that is able to hold up to 180 staples at once. This feature is the reason why professionals in the upholstery industry recommend this too to one another.
  • User-friendly tool: There are so many tools out there that need someone experienced only in order to use them effectively. When it comes to this tool, it is very easy to use and even if you are a novice, you will have no problems getting through upholstery jobs. It is a wonderful alternative to manual stables which can cause a strain on your arms.
  • Reliable and quiet: Working for long periods of time with tools that are very noisy without wearing any protective ear equipment can cause hearing problems. You might even become deaf if you aren’t careful however, you don’t have to worry about causing damage to your ears when you use this tool. Not only is it reliable and quick to load, but it’s also a very quiet tool to use.


  • Not very durable: There are some customers who have said that despite being a top performer, this tool is not durable.  If not looked after properly during transit, it can break very easily.


Overall any professional upholsterer needs to have this tool when they are carrying out their jobs because it has the features well suits to get work done quickly.  Tacwise A7116V is very quick to load, quiet and has a high capacity magazine. You are guaranteed maximum efficiency whenever you pick up this tool plus it comes with a carrying case. You can travel with your heart at ease knowing that it will not take damage during transit. Operating between 60 – 100 PSI, this is one of the best air staple guns you can purchase.

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Tacwise A7116V Rating


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  • 71 staples
  • High capacity magazine
  • 60 to 100 PSI
  • Soft rubber grip

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