Tacwise GFN64V

Tacwise GFN64V Air Finish Nail Gun Review

If you are a professional carpenter or woodworker looking for a reliable and efficient tool for your finish nailing tasks, then the Tacwise GFN64V nailer might be just what you need. This air-operated finish nailer is designed to bring speed and reliability to a wide range of woodworking and other nailing tasks. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of this professional tool.

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Professional Finish Nailer

The GFN64V is a professional-grade finish nail gun that comes with a durable carry case for easy storage and transportation. It is designed to provide smooth and uninterrupted performance in a variety of second fix applications, including trim work, finish carpentry, crown moulding, sheds, panelling, cabinetry, and other woodworking applications requiring a professional finish.


The Tacwise GFN64V finish nailer comes equipped with an efficient quick-release, side-loading magazine that enables firing of 80 x type 160 (16G) / 20 – 64 mm finish nails without reloading. To ensure the best performance, it is recommended to use Tacwise nails with this nail gun. Using other nails may affect the smoothness of the nailer’s operation.

Maximized Performance

The Tacwise nailer offers two firing modes: sequential (single fire) or contact trip (bump). It also comes equipped with a unique depth control adjustor for precise nail countersinking. The 360° adjustable exhaust port and high durability driver blade offer a 2.7m/s² vibration emission level for peak performance. This means that you can use this nail gun for extended periods without experiencing excessive vibration or fatigue.

Ergonomic Design

The GFN64V nailer has a robust design that incorporates an anti-jam, quick-release nose gate. The slender non-marking nose, soft rubber grip and safety bracket provide enhanced ease of use. At 2.7KG, this nailer is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for extended periods of use.

Air Compressor Required

The GFN64V operates between 70 -120 PSI for fast and accurate nailing. However, it requires an air compressor to operate, which is not included with the nail gun. This means that you will need to have an air compressor or purchase one separately to use this nail gun.

Efficient and Reliable

The Tacwise finish nailer is a highly efficient tool that is designed to provide consistent and reliable performance. It has a high capacity magazine that can hold up to 110 nails, allowing you to work for extended periods without having to reload. The magazine is also easy to load and unload, making the process of changing nails quick and effortless.

Easy to Use

The finish nailer is designed with ease of use in mind. It has a simple and intuitive control panel that allows you to switch between firing modes and adjust the depth control easily. The tool also has a safety bracket that prevents accidental firing, providing an additional layer of safety for the user.


The nail gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for second fix carpentry tasks such as installing skirting boards, architraves, door frames, and window frames. It can also be used for decorative tasks such as installing crown molding and picture rails. The tool is compatible with a range of nails, including 16 gauge finish nails ranging from 20mm to 64mm in length.


The GFN64V nailer is built to last. It has a high-quality driver blade that is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use. The tool also has an anti-jam nose gate that prevents nails from getting stuck, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The nailer’s robust construction ensures that it can withstand daily wear and tear, making it a reliable tool for professional use.

360° Adjustable Exhaust Port

The Tacwise GFN64V nail gun comes equipped with a 360° adjustable exhaust port, allowing you to direct the exhaust air away from your face and work area. This feature not only keeps you safe and comfortable, but it also helps to keep your workspace clean and free of debris.

Soft Rubber Grip

The soft rubber grip on the GFN64V nailer provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue and increasing control. The ergonomic design of the nailer also ensures that it is well balanced, making it easy to maneuver and control.

Depth Control Adjustor

The unique depth control adjustor on the Tacwise nailer allows you to adjust the depth of your nail countersinking, providing a professional and polished finish. This feature is particularly useful when working with delicate materials, such as veneers or thin panels, where over-driving nails can cause damage.

High Durability Driver Blade

The high durability driver blade on the nailer is designed to withstand the stresses and strains of continuous use, ensuring that your tool performs reliably and consistently. This feature reduces the need for frequent maintenance and ensures that your tool lasts longer.


In conclusion, the Tacwise GFN64V nailer is a professional-grade finish nail gun designed for woodworking and second fix finish nailing tasks. It offers a range of features, including a quick-release, side-loading magazine, precise depth control adjustor, and 360° adjustable exhaust port, that make it a reliable and efficient tool for professionals. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure ease of use and protection, while the requirement for an air compressor allows for fast and accurate nailing. If you are in the market for a reliable and efficient finish nail gun, this nail gun is definitely worth considering.

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