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WEN 61741 4-in-1 18 Gauge Pneumatic Flooring Nailer and Stapler Review

The WEN 61741 is high on many people’s lists when they are looking for the best 18 gauge pneumatic nailer. This easy to use and versatile tool is great for stapling and floor nailing. If and when you find yourself in a situation where the nailer has jammed while you’re using it, it has a quick-release nose to help you clear any nails. For that smooth and professional finish that everyone is after, this nailer has a removable no-mar tip. The question now is, what else does this tool have to offer? Below are its key features, benefits as well as drawbacks you need to know.

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The 61741 Features

  • Efficiency – The nails that a tool can use determines how effective it is. This wonderful WEN 61741 nailer can drive 18-gauge brad nails anywhere from 5/8 to 2 inches in length. This is great for anyone who is a DIY enthusiast or a professional who works on light to medium projects.
  • All-purpose tool – You will be able to shoot ¼ inch narrow crown staples anywhere from ½ to 1-5/8 inches in length and it also has removable spring-loaded flooring shoe angles fasteners at 45 degrees When you attach the adjustable spring-loaded flooring head.
  • Quick-release nose – With this feature, you can easily clear any jamming when it happens while you’re working because while rare on many tools, jamming can happen unexpectedly. It is always worth buying a tool that has a quick-release nose feature just in case.
  • Powerful – When you attach the tool to an air compressor, the tool runs between 60 and 100 PSI which is reasonably powerful and will get most tasks done.
  • Good magazinesize – This tool has a 100 nail magazine size which can easily be reloaded when empty. While many tools possess a much higher magazine capacity, this is good enough for jobs around your home.


  •  An on-board depth-adjustment wheel – It was very clever for the WEN to add this bit because it allows you to control how deeply your fasteners penetrate the surfaces you’re working on. Not many tools can give you this level of control.
  • Comes with a carry bag and other accessories – Upon purchase you get a carry bag that protects the tool from damage and makes it easy for you to travel with it. On top of the carry bag, this tool also comes with 2 hex keys and a removable non-mar tip for a smooth and professional finish.
  • Easy to clean – When you finish using this nail gun, you can easily clean it by simply rinsing it and wiping it with a clean cloth to get rid of any debris. Oil can also be used to make the nail gun last longer in your possession because it prevents rust.
  • Well-balanced tool – A great tool can offer users the perfect balance in terms of usability and results. WEN 61741 has an ergonomic design for extra comfort and since it is lightweight, you will have no issues when it comes to maneuverability. You will suffer from fatigue or any sort of strain because the tool will not wear you down or strong-arm you while you’re working. The manufacturers deserve plenty of credit with the design because they know that some of their buyers will have projects that require a reasonable amount of time to get done. This is why they made this nail gun very light to cater to them and their needs.


  • Not ideal for hardwood floors – If you intend on using this tool on hardwood floors, you will realize that it isn’t powerful enough.
  • The parts made out of plastic can wear off – While the build quality of this tool is excellent in just about every department, however, the no-mar tip is made out of plastic. Over time this will start showing signs of wear and tear if used excessively.

Final Thoughts

The WEN 61741 has the potential to be one of the most important tools one can have in their collection when used correctly.  Some people prefer the old-fashioned way of using a nail and hammer to do their projects however, those who want to do things faster need to invest in this nailer. It offers precision, effectiveness, and compactness which allows you to produce good results even in tight spaces. Excellent magazine size with quick reload provides you a smooth working experience.

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  • 18-gauge brad nails
  • 1/4-inch narrow crown staples
  • Quick-release nose
  • Easy jam clearing
  • Adjustable air exhaust

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