What You Need to Know about Nail Guns

What You Need to Know About Nail Guns?

If you’re interested in learning about nail guns, you’ve definitely come to the right place. By reading our helpful guide today, you’ll discover what these electric devices do, how they work and how to use them safely.

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on nail guns, you’ll be primed to choose the right model for your needs. These devices are designed to save workers plenty of time and energy, as they replace old-fashioned claw hammers. By automating the process of driving nails into various surfaces, nail guns offer high performance that is just so efficient and convenient.

While it may take a little while to get the hang of using a nail gun, you’ll find that it is possible to master the process easily. Just pay attention to safety as you give your new power tool a tryout.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline home repairs or commercial construction tasks, you’ll find that investing in nail guns makes a lot of sense. These handy devices make it simple to put many nails into place over a relatively short time frame.

Also known as “power nailers”, nail guns are able to put thousands of nails in place in just one day! In addition, they offer consistent performance, so every nail will be driven in perfectly. You’ll find that high-quality nail guns work well and don’t require much maintenance.

To help you learn more about these forms of convenient and practical power tools, we’ve created a sensible quick guide.

What is a Nail Gun?

A nail gun is an electric power tool which places nails into surfaces, such as drywall or roofing. Typically, this form of device operates via a process known as electro-magnetism, or via a pneumatic system which utilizes air that is compressed. There are other means by which these forms of power tools work, such as gases (butane is an example) or minor explosive charges.

Nail guns replace hammer tools and they are used by home handypersons or commercial workers, such as construction or renovation teams. These power tools are very popular because they are extremely practical. However, they do need to be used with care.

How Are Nail Guns Utilized?

Nail guns are loaded with strips or rounds of nails. These packets of nails are held together with a range of materials, such as plastics, papers or narrow wires. Different types of nail guns accept different forms of collated nails. For example, strip-style devices use strips of nails, whereas coil-style nails use rounds of nails.

A range of nail sizes may be used, the smallest acceptable size usually measuring 23 gauges. Therefore, nail guns may be adapted to a range of real-life applications, such as framing, roofing or finishing. Some nail guns are manufactured with certain tasks in mind. For example, roofing nail guns are made for roofing tasks alone. So, consumers may choose versatile nail guns which perform a range of tasks or go for particular styles which are intended for only one task.

Types of Nail Guns

There are a couple of main categories of nail guns. The two types differ due to their styles of magazines, as well as due to the types of nails that they require in order to work effectively.

The first style of nail gun is the stick style, which utilizes collated nails. A collated nail will be attached to another nail via thin sections of paper, wire or plastic. Since the nails are bound in this manner, they may be loaded into this type of nail gun rapidly (due to the practical “stick” formation of the nails). Most stick-style nail guns will accept twenty inches to forty inches of collated nail “sticks”.

The other main category of nail gun is the coil-type device, which utilizes long, pliable strings of nails which are held together via wires. Nails will be placed in a circular magazine which is found on the top of the gun. The device’s magazine will then roll each grouping of nails, permitting as many as three hundred of them to be loaded simultaneously.

How Nail Guns May Be Used

Nail guns are used consistently at construction sites, where many nails must be used in order to create or renovate structures. Some are best for small spaces, while others are larger, with bigger motors. The larger styles are designed to offer peak performance to those who need to place high volumes of nails.

Within the two main categories of nailers, you’ll find subtypes of nail guns, such as framing nail guns, finish nail guns and roofing nail guns. So, it will be possible to select specialized styles which are tailor-made in order to perform well during particular tasks.

Shop for Nail Guns Online

Now that you know more about nail guns, you may be ready to order a power tool of this type. If you prefer to shop online, you’ll find that a range of Web-based retailers offer impressive styles which are also affordable.

Bear in mind that these products come at an array of price points and a range of quality levels. One tip is to check customer reviews for specific styles while you’re browsing online retailers. A nail gun which earns rave reviews from real-life customers will probably deliver exceptional performance for you, too.

In addition, consider checking out an online retailer before you buy. While the biggest online retailers, such as Amazon.com, have great reputations, other companies which sell nail guns may not be as well-known. So, doing a little research into the reputations of lesser-known companies will definitely boost your chances of finding the best.

How to Buy Nail Guns?

Purchasing nail guns in your own community should be very simple. However, community-based retailers may charge more for these devices, versus the prices that are charged by online retailers. So, shopping around online before you buy may be the best way to comparison-shop for a great deal on a highly-rated nail gun. If you do decide to order online, bear in mind that shipping charges may factor into the final cost of your item. Some online retailers will offer free shipping to their customers.

Once you’ve found a nail gun which gets great reviews from real-life customers, you’ll be ready to purchase a style that will deliver high performance over the long term. In general, these power tools are low maintenance. Follow all safety guidelines in order to avoid injuries from nail guns. You can’t be too careful.

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