Planers: Electric, Cordless and Corded

A planer is one of the most important tools that any DIYer or professional can have if they enjoy working on a variety of wood related projects. With it in your hands, you can perform jobs like evening out of wood, smoothening wood edges, salvaged board cleaning, and more.

With so many makes and models of planers on the market, they all will bring different specs and features to the table. To choose the one that’s ideal for the jobs you’d like to do, you need to look at power, depth adjustment, and performance. Pick your planer based on these points ensures you pick the right tool more often than not.

Guides And Reviews

Best Planer Thicknesser UK Reviews: High-Performance Products
Are you looking for the best planer thicknesser in the UK? By “best” we mean a product that matches your preference, budget, and intended purpose of use, as though it was meticulously engineered with you in mind. There are a plethora of planer… Read more.

Best Electric Planer UK Reviews (10 Excellent Options)
Electric planers are an important tool you need to get as a DIYer or home improvement enthusiast. They come in corded and cordless options with different designs and build suitable for varying degrees of work. So, finding your perfect planer among… Read more.

TACKLIFE EPN01A 710W Electric Hand Planer Review
The market is saturated with so many planer brands with each having its own unique set of features. Choosing the best one for you can be stressful however, as long as you understand what you intend to use it on, your decision should be easy. The… Read more.

TACKLIFE EPN02A 900W Electric Hand Planer Review
The Tacklife EPN02A is a very good investment for anyone who works with stubborn wood and any other tasks that involve wood. It has an incredible 7.5Amp/900W motor made of pure copper. It can deliver 29000 cuts per minute for an efficient and… Read more.

Makita DKP181Z 18v LXT Brushless Cordless Planer Review
The Makita DKP181Z is a tool that has a great run time thanks to the 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery. It has a safety feature that minimizes the risks of injuries when you’re using it and the powerful blade ensures your cuts are clean and smooth. … Read more.

Einhell TC-PL 750 Electric Planer Review
The Einhell TC-PL 750 is the perfect tool for any DIY enthusiast because it has great cutting capabilities thanks to the 750 W of power it has. The level of precision you get with this tool is top-notch and it is ideal for applications with a chip… Read more.

Bosch Professional GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer Review
The Bosch GHO 18 V-LI has gained a lot of admiration from users ever since it hit the market thanks to its powerful motor, lightweight ergonomic design, and compactness. It offers users a clean-cut as well as a smooth finish. Blade changing is very … Read more.

VonHaus 3500128 900W Electric Hand Planer Review
VonHaus is a leading manufacturing industry with products spanning from furniture, entertainment accessories, DIY machines, and many other devices. Even more, the company is a top brand in the power tool industry. It claims to design each product… Read more.

Ryobi R18PL-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Planer Review
While the market is full of so many planers one can buy for trimming surface and doors as well as removing stock, the Ryobi R18PL-0 planer is an amazing tool to own. Powered by a 5.0Ah Lithium+ battery, this tool leaves a smooth finish every time.… Read more.

Makita KP0800 240V 82mm Planer Review
A good wood planer helps you create smoother boards with just the perfect thickness even without using a sander. If you are a hobbyist, DIYers, or budget woodworkers who want to add some functionality to your workshop, the Makita KP0800 is a great… Read more.

Makita DKP180Z LXT 18V Li-ion Cordless Planer Review
When it comes to choosing the right planer, it all boils down to picking a type that features a good accuracy level, is easy to use and setup, and also versatile like the Makita DKP180Z LXT planer which over the years, have proven to be an… Read more.

JELLAS UKDB-001 16.000rpm 850W Planer Review
The Jellas UKDB-001 16.000rpm 850W planner is an absolute gem of a tool that is very handy on a variety of tasks. With the right accessories at your disposal, you can use this tool for work like tapering and shaping wood trim, scribing countertops… Read more.

Dewalt DCP580N 18V XR Li-ion Brushless Cordless Planer Review
Powerful blades, an efficient brushless motor, and an amazing 18v 5Ah XR Li-ion battery, the Dewalt DCP580N is built for shredding. Any product that is easy on the hand is always welcomed by professionals and DIYer this tool has amazing… Read more.

DeWalt D26500k 240V 1050W Planer Review
The quality of any wood project by a carpenter is measured by the fineness of its plain finishes. In other words, if you don't use a good planner in planning your wood, your end product will be as wrong as the planner itself. However, it doesn't… Read more.

Bosch GHO 26-82 D Professional Corded 240 V Planer Review
There a lot of planners out there, but how often do you come across a type like the Bosch GHO 26-82 D, which is highly efficient, competent, comfortable, and flexible? I guess not so often. Right? Well, that's why we are going to shed more light on … Read more.

Bosch PHO 1500 Planer Review
Bosch Group is one of the world’s leading producer of power tools. The company aims to provide innovative technical solutions for DIYers by its high-quality and reliable devices. For that reason, we can easily say that the Bosch PHO 1500 Planer is… Read more.

BLACK+DECKER KW750K-GB 750W High Performance Rebating Planer Review
There a lot of tools you can use in cutting rebates from woods. And while most rebate planer producing companies claim to manufacture the most effective tools for rebating, the reverse is often the case when you purchase them. However, there are… Read more.