Bosch Professional GHO 26-82 D

Bosch GHO 26-82 D Professional Corded 240 V Planer Review

There a lot of planners out there, but how often do you come across a type like the Bosch GHO 26-82 D, which is highly efficient, competent, comfortable, and flexible? I guess not so often. Right? Well, that’s why we are going to shed more light on this product today.

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GHO 26-82 D Overview

This Bosch tool is a corded planer with four meters plus of cable on and a parking foot at the rear, which often proves useful on planners that don’t stop immediately except you go to the switch. Thus, you can park the machine on the workbench, or even on the workpiece without the product taking a scoop of material out by accident.

Furthermore, it has a lock-off safety switch, and two red buttons that allows both left and right-handers to release the locks conveniently. In other words, it works perfectly with right or left-handed users.

This Bosch product also has a twin exhaust type system, which means that the supplied dust bag or a vacuum cleaner, anyone you choose, can be fitted to the right or the left side of the product. All you need to do is to make sure that the little tab with the arrow on it is pointing in the right direction, that is if it is to be used on the right. But if you want it to the left, flip it forward, and it will deflect the waist and chippings out to the left-hand side. It’s quite a cool feature because nobody wants a bag or a hose in their way when working with a planner.

The GHO 26-82 D uses a standard 82-millimeter wide blade and a 2.6 millimeters per pass as its maximum. It has an auxiliary handle, which gives users adjustment of how much they take off.

Although, it’s a powerful and competent planner that anyone could wish to have, what’s a little bit unusual about it is the blade configuration. Beneath the product is its drum, the cylinder, and instead of having two or maybe three blades, which is not uncommon for this kind of machine, surprisingly, this product has only one blade.

However, regardless of the single knife system, in terms of performance, this product is incredible with its top-quality finishes. The planer is perfect, so much more comfortable in terms of changing the blade and getting yourself running again should a little disaster happen.

Another advantage this Bosch planner has over the rest is that it has a front footplate that helps in rebating or chamfering grooves. Not all planners have this particular feature. So, it has three chamfered ring grooves — the shallow one in the middle, medium depth, and then an intense chamfering groove. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a flexible and efficient planner that will always live up to your expectations every day, then this product is all you’ll ever need.


  • It has a rated power that measures at about 710 W
  • It has a no-load speed that ranges up to 18,000 rpm.

It has a maximum cutting depth of about 2.6 mm.

  • It has a rebating depth of about 9 mm.
  • A cutter width of about 82 mm.
  • It has a planing width of about 82 mm.
  • It weighs about 2.8 kg.


The Bosch planer provides an absolute power to rate ratio, thanks to its 750W motor, which makes work faster while using it.

It is stable and accurate due to its flat-like sturdy aluminum plate and design.

It is highly secure, thanks to it looks off switch that stops any automatic startup from being initiated within the machine.

It is favorable to both left and right-handed users, as a result of its flexible chip ejection feature.

From the way it was patterned, it is very comfortable to use as the auxiliary handles are nothing but perfect.


It is relatively durable.

Often, the dust bags don’t prevent the machine from still littering the work environment.


All in all, the GHO 26-82 D planner is one of the best out there, as a result of its high quality, competency, efficiency, and comfortability. Give this product a try and let us know your experience in using it.

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GHO 26-82 D Rating


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  • Stability and accuracy
  • Safety
  • Tidy work
  • User comfort
  • High-precision features

1 thought on “Bosch GHO 26-82 D Professional Corded 240 V Planer Review”

  1. Personally I did not get on with this planer at all. The first one I purchased got exceptionally hot just shooting in a couple of doors, too hot to touch so was returned.
    The next one I received also gets exceptionally hot. I contacted Bosch & they sent me speed & load performance figures, but believe me, it gets too hot. So much so I don’t use it.
    I have a planer thicknesser attachment which my old bosch plane fitted, this model does not fit. The old model with 2 blades was fantastic, this one is not.
    Used once for planing 6 doors I will now sell this as I have purchased a makita cordless plane which out performs this in every department.
    It’s a shame Bosch were not more responsive as I will not buy anything from them in the future.

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