DeWalt D26500k

DeWalt D26500k 240V 1050W Planer Review

The quality of any wood project by a carpenter is measured by the fineness of its plain finishes. In other words, if you don’t use a good planner in planning your wood, your end product will be as wrong as the planner itself. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way because there are a good number of planners out there, those like the DeWalt D26500k 240 volt planner.

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And that’s why today, we are going to review this product by taking a look at everything about it, its specifications, pros, cons, and whether you should buy one or not. Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

The D26500k Overview

The Dewalt D26500k is a four mil cleaner that comes with a sturdy 1050watt motor. Furthermore, it’s got a four meters rubber cable on it, which is vital for somebody using a cleaner, especially if they want to do a pass right along the length of a door. Also, it has a 25 mill rebate on it, but the other good thing about it is that the machine will give you point one no increments on the depth. In other words, it will help you maintain full accuracy while working on your wood. Now, let’s have a break down of its features.


It’s always been widely considered by carpenters that any planner with a motor less than 1000 watt, is not worth the shot. Now, that’s one of the reasons why this planner is so active. With its 1050watt motor, one can afford to not only use it in cutting the hardest of trees effortlessly but to hang doors, plane woods, and even oak sleepers in the garden.


Not only is this DeWalt planner reliable in terms of its performance, surprisingly, it is effortless and comfortable to use, thanks to it’s left and right chip ejection, which one can decide to plunge in a vacuum bag, to clear of the inevitable mess that is often made when working on a wood, using a planner. Another reason why it is so comfortable to use is because of the rubber-coated main and front handles, which were designed to prevent any form of slippery. Nothing could be more comforting than that, especially when using a planner, trust me.


The planner provides more accuracy because of how its front handle depth was built. With it, you can control the steps for an accurate setting, and input an anticipated halt time/position. Also, the planner has three chamfering grooves located in the front shoe, which enables precise jobs that fit in, to be executed very quickly.


In regards to the pace of this planner, it is really super fast. With its large-sized TCT reversible planer blades drum rotating at high speed, the planner traditionally provides an exquisite finish, when working on woods.

Extra Features

DeWalt D26500k has a parallel fence, a rebate depth guide for instructions, a dust extraction spout where clouds of dust could be channel out, a hefty duty carrying case, a chip collection container, and a deflector.


Power Input: 1050 Watts

Power Output: 620 Watts

No Load Speed: 13500 rpm

Maximum Depth of Cut: 4 mm

Rebating Depth: 25 mm

Planer Width: 82 mm

Shoe Length: 320 mm

Drum Diameter: 64 mm

Weight: 4.0 kg

Length mm: 320 mm

Height: 180 mm


  • It has a powerful motor that guarantees an effortless experience of wood cutting.
  • It is effortless and comfortable to handle while planning or cutting a plank of wood.
  • It enhances accuracy while planning with it.
  • It is swift and traditionally produces top-quality finishes.
  • It comes with a storage box where users can keep their working tools such as screwdrivers and so on while using the planner.


  • It is very heavy, especially when used for small jobs.
  • The extractors often appear delicate and could break off if not properly handled with care.
  • Its vibrant color may be a little disturbing to some people.


So, if you’ve been looking for a sturdy planner that will not only make your carpentry work easier, cleaner, accurate but faster, too, then all you need to do is purchase a DeWalt D26500K planner. Once you do, don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on what you think about the planner. Cheers!  

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  • TCT reversible blades
  • Dust extraction spout
  • Parallel fence
  • Rebate depth guide
  • Deflector and chip collection container

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