Einhell TC-PL 750

Einhell TC-PL 750 Electric Planer Review

The Einhell TC-PL 750 is the perfect tool for any DIY enthusiast because it has great cutting capabilities thanks to the 750 W of power it has. The level of precision you get with this tool is top-notch and it is ideal for applications with a chip depth of up to 2mm. Among some of its best features is a large knife shaft. This ensures you get optimum planing results at a stroke and there’s more it brings to the table which will be highlighted below.

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Key Features

  • Extremely powerful – If you have jobs with a chip depth of up to 2mm, the TC-PL 750 is just the planer you need. It gives you 750 W of raw power and a speed of 16,000 RPM. You will be able to deal with wooden surfaces without breaking and sweat and your results will be very precise. The large blade shaft is there to ensure that you get optimum results in one go.
  • Integrated automatic park rest – This feature offers users safe parking and protects the work-piece against any unintended damage which can happen from time to time.
  • Solid aluminium soleplate – Any DIYer who picks up a planer wants to achieve flatter results but many tools deliver on that front. This feature on this tool helps the user to achieve flat results with ease no matter the materials.
  • Ergonomic handle – Einhell made a wide choice with the handle because it fits securely in your hands and enables you to work for long periods without fatigue even on the most demanding of projects. There is a soft grip that also permits safe and user-friendly handling which bid good news for anyone with little experience with power tools.
  • Extra accessories – Anything extra that you get when you open the box of your brand new power tool is a bonus. Some manufacturers choose to add accessories for free while others choose to charge extra for them. When it comes to this Einhell planer, included in the purchase are a parallel and a rebate depth guide as well as a carbide planning blade (reversible). All these accessories allow you to have a pleasant experience when carrying out your tasks because you have everything you need. 


  • Lightweight – With a weight of just 2.4kgs, TC-PL 750 is not heavy to handle. It is very easy to move around thanks to the Aluminium material on the handle and because it is not bulky, you can work with the tool for hours without getting tired.
  • Affordable tool – Einhell has a different marketing strategy compared to big names like Tacwise or Makita. The price of their tools is considered affordable and budget-friendly for many customers looking for a product that has great features at a low cost. They have excelled in that department and ensure that their products continue to be low priced so that more customers buy them.
  • Unlimited power – The major advantage that corded electric tools have over battery-powered ones is the limited supply of power. You can work for as long as you when the tool is plugged into a power outlet


  • Corded electric – While the stress of charging batteries is something you don’t have to deal with when you’re working with a corded tool, the presence of wires or cords can be a hazard. They can sometimes get in your way and plenty of people who are not careful do suffer serious injuries from trips and falls.
  • Doubts over quality – Since Einhell is not a big name in the industry, some customers have reservations when it comes to the quality of the tools. They think that since the product is cheap, they will get a product that’s inferior and poor in quality compared to other established brands.

Final Thoughts

Despite the two drawbacks mentioned above, The Einhell TC-PL 750 is a great tool for DIY enthusiasts because it is comfortable, lightweight, and offers an unlimited supply of power since it is corded. It is very affordable which works well for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend plus, instead of spending extra money on accessories, it comes with a handful of them to help you get the best results. It has a powerful motor that helps it reach a speed of 16,000 RPM and the park rest ensures you and those around you are safe when the tool is not being used.

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  • High-performance
  • Adjustable chipping depth
  • Large blade wave
  • Aluminium planer plate
  • 750 watts

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