JELLAS UKDB-001 16.000rpm 850W Planer Review

The Jellas UKDB-001 16.000rpm 850W planner is an absolute gem of a tool that is very handy on a variety of tasks. With the right accessories at your disposal, you can use this tool for work like tapering and shaping wood trim, scribing countertops and cabinets, and beveling door edges. The manufactures have gone on record to say that their planer has the highest performance belt you can find in the timing belt range.

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This is because it uses strong and high-quality materials that give you precision and power. When you buy JELLAS UKDB-001, you will notice that it comes with a nice little gift. This gift is optional and it contains 2 carbon brushes and a rubber belt which do come in hand especially if you use the tool a lot. For high-level efficiency, this tool has a powerful 850 W motor which will easily get you through some of the tasks mentioned above with ease.

JELLAS Planer Key Features

  • Comes with a gift package that contains a rubber belt and 2 carbon brushes (optional)
  • Powerful 850 W motor and 16,000 RPM
  • There is a lock-on button for continuous operation
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Auxiliary push handle


  • Lightweight: When it comes to the design, you can clearly see that Jellas really did put a lot of thought. They made sure that users do not suffer from fatigue when they are using this tool and made it super lightweight. At a mere 2.3kgs, user fatigue is something you won’t have to deal with when using this planner. You can use it for a long period of time without feeling the strain on your arms.
  • Very powerful: You get up to 32,000 cuts per minute when you use JELLAS UKDB-001 thanks to the 850 W motor. You also get a cutting width of up to 82 mm and two HSS reversible blades that make this one of the must-have planers in your arsenal.
  • Amazing all-round performance all the time: The belts on this tool are resistant to wear even in harsh conditions because they are very strong. The carbon brush and the copper motor are very durable and of the highest order. This ensures the machine runs smoothly and in tip-top condition all the time.
  • Has a reversible dust chute: You can press and push the sawdust bin on this planner to change the outlet direction of the debris. You can also connect a dust bag and a vacuum to this tool. Doing this keeps your clothes clean and free from sawdust
  • Reasonably priced: There are so many planers to choose from on the market and they all vary in price. Some are cheap while others are more expensive than others. You have to look at your budget and pick a planer on the market that suits the amount you are willing to spend because you don’t want to break the bank and get a planet that doesn’t perform how you want it to. Anyone looking for something affordable they can use for work like shaping wood trim, scribing cabinets and countertops, and beveling door edges, this is a great tool to buy.
  • Comfortable handles: What makes this one of the most comfortable planers on the market is the ergonomic soft-grip it has. This ensures you are always in control of the tool and it will not slip from your hand even if you are performing a highly intensive job.
  • 3 mm cutting depth: This planner has 31 positive stops on top of its knob which allows you to change the depth of up to 3 mm. All you have to do is move the front plate down and up in relation to the blades.


  • Question marks over durability: Many customers have complained that some of the components on this tool are not very strong and do break easily.


When you are on the market looking to buy a power tool for work or home use, this planer should be on your list. If you have tasks like tapering and shaping wood trim, scribing cabinets, and beveling door edges, JELLAS UKDB-001 will ensure you do all these safely and effortlessly. Your work will be finely finished, smooth, accurate and polished even if you are a novice when you use this tool

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  • Reversible Dust Bag
  • Rabetting Guide
  • Parallel Fence Bracket
  • Blade Adjustment Wrench
  • Retractable Kickstand

2 thoughts on “JELLAS UKDB-001 16.000rpm 850W Planer Review”

  1. The dust bag is far too small the bag is filled with that much force it blows back out of the plane onto the floor
    There is an exact model under another name “ TACKLIFE EPN01A 710W Electric Hand Planer ” with a far bigger bag which looks more up the job

  2. I have a question about replacing the drive belt. I couldn’t remove belt cover loosening screws. are there some tips about that? Thanks.

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