Makita DKP181Z

Makita DKP181Z 18v LXT Brushless Cordless Planer Review

The Makita DKP181Z is a tool that has a great run time thanks to the 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery. It has a safety feature that minimizes the risks of injuries when you’re using it and the powerful blade ensures your cuts are clean and smooth. Below is a deep look at the features that make this tool stand out from the rest.

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The DKP181Z Key Features

  • Powerful tool – The 18V brushless motor is powered by an 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery which needs to be purchased separately. It doesn’t come with this tool but it is the one that produces the best runtime or duration. This planer delivers up to 1,200 RPM when you put it to work and this gives you an increased level of cutting performance and a massive 3mm maximum cutting depth.
  • 2 blade cutter head with double edge carbide blades – The quality of blades found on power tools can be the difference between good quality finishes or not. This feature gives you good performance and a smoother finish. Your work will look professionally done with this tool in your hand even if you have never used a planer a day in your life.
  • Automatic Torque Drive technology – The planer automatically can adjust speed torque depending on the load conditions for optimal cutting. This is something that many tools on the market don’t do. The manufacturer did a great job in making sure that this tool works as well as does.
  • Safe – If one isn’t careful when they are handling power tools, they can not only hurt themselves but those around them too. The Makita DKP181Z features an excellent electric brake at the foot on the base plate, this increases your level of safety and protects workpieces too from any potential damage.
  • 3 Chamfering Grooves –  chamfering is made easy because you can align the groove with the edge of the workpiece. There are 3 different size grooves which allow for different groove dimensions.


  • Foot on base plate – This feature protects the workpiece you’re working on from scratches damage by raising the base of the work material when not in operation.
  • Easy blade setting system – This feature allows quick blade installation and this can be used with standard planer blades or with double-edged mini blades.
  • Ejection – You can easily divert the wood chips either left or right by adjusting the ejection cover plate in the tool to the preferred side.
  • Doesn’t make noise – While certain planers make a lot of noise when being used, this tool operates quietly. This is great craftsmanship from the manufacturer because it allows you to work on projects for a long period without having to worry about noise levels. 
  • Good brand – When you buy a Makita tool, you know you’re getting a top-quality tool that is made by a company with plenty of experience. They did a very good job to pack this tool with some great features to ensure users get the best results when they pick it up to work on their project.
  • Durable – The Makita DKP181Z  has a very solid build which enables it to withstand any sort of job you throw at it without showing any signs of scratch and tear. This is thanks to the strong materials that the manufacturer used to make this tool.


  • Price –  A lot of people find Makita tools to be expensive because they are a big brand and well established in the industry. If you have limited funds, you are better off looking at cheaper models because this is a high priced tool.
  • Need to buy the battery – The second drawback of this tool is it doesn’t come with a battery. You need to use the 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery to get the best performance and this can be purchased in stores or on the internet.

Final Thoughts

The Makita DKP181Z is a very impressive battery-powered tool that is very durable and doesn’t make a lot of noise. While some people will look at the price and think the tool is expensive when compared to other models, the high level of detail and craftsmanship that was put into it is worth every single penny one pays for it. The blades are very easy to change which comes in handy in helping you get tasks done faster.

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Makita DKP181Z Rating


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  • Increased cutting
  • Brushless moto
  • Increased ship lapping depth
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology
  • Easy blade changing system

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