Makita KP0800

Makita KP0800 240V 82mm Planer Review

A good wood planer helps you create smoother boards with just the perfect thickness even without using a sander. If you are a hobbyist, DIYers, or budget woodworkers who want to add some functionality to your workshop, the Makita KP0800 is a great option.

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This is a solid hand-held planer that is designed to help you plane all your boards without any stress. It comes with several useful features including fine depth adjustment, increased motor speed, and Rubberized soft grip. If you are wondering whether to invest in this hand held plane, here is the full review.

The KP0800 Features

Powerful 620w motor, 34000 cuts per minute

The Makita KP0800 comes with a powerful 620-watt motor that delivers up to 17,000-RPM no-load speed. With the high cutting speed, it’s a no-brainer that this hand planer has enough power to provide you with smoother results. The rotating blade can be finely adjusted and can cut up to 34000 cuts per minute. This delivers accurate cuts that will surely make you satisfied with this planer.

Angle and shape of the handle is easy to grip

With the ergonomically designed handle, this tool gives you greater comfort on prolonged use. The shape and angle of the handle make it easy for you to grip, push and carry the tool. It’s not just comfortable to hold, but also easy to control without you breaking a sweat. It does this by letting you keep the pressure on the trigger thus reducing stress when you are working on your boards.

Spring-loaded elevated base

Unlike other hand held planes, the Makita KP0800 is created with a springboard base. This helps you to keep the blade and wood secured and protected from any damage. The elevated base supports the entire setup and keeps it free from minor damages like scratches. You will find it convenient when you’re working in a narrow-spaced area. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your workpiece getting messed up because of the dirt around the area.

Fine depth adjustment

Another great feature of this tool is the depth adjustment which is relatively easy to change via the adjustment knob with click stops. The adjustment knob for the depth works just like a clicking dial. It lets you twist the knob up to a depth of 3/32 of an inch.

Quick-change blades

Planer blades tend to last longer or shorter depending on the type of wood that you areplanning.If you regularly use the tool, you will find that you willneed to regularly replaceits carbide blades.This tool is designed in a way that will let you change its blades with so much ease.


The main reason why this product is very popular is its very powerful motor and ease of handling. With a high power-to-weight ratio, for both professional and domestic use in both 110V and 220V versions. With the no-load speed of 17000-RPM, its blade cutter head delivers a superior smooth finish with a planing depth of 2-mm and a planing width of 82-mm. The click depth adjustment knob also has an easy-to-read scale with settings in 0.1-mm increments. As long as you are not after the highest performing hand plane in the market, you will find this product very suitable for your needs.


Solid and durable construction

Has various features meant to increase comfort

Easy to remove the blades for quick replacements

Easy to handle and operate

Offers a great performance


When working without a chip bag, chips and shavings that can get in your way.


Overall, Makita KP0800 is a great tool for sizing and smoothing timber as well as adjusting doors and wooden window frames. It features an ergonomic design, a simple but functional blade setting system, and is compact with a weight of only six pounds. The only major downside to this tool is that it doesn’t come with a chip bag meaning any waste you produce will be spread across your work area. However, this is really just a minor problem and the pros far outweigh the cons.

So if you are looking for a tool that can deliver accurate and precise wood cutting, the KP0800 is just what you need. Of course, it won’t be as powerful as high end products with higher performance motors but it still manages to be a rated as a top-performer.

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Makita KP0800 Rating


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  • Fine depth adjustment
  • Double insulation
  • Planing width: 82mm
  • Planing depth: 2.0mm
  • Precise cutting depth

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