TACKLIFE EPN01A 710W Electric Hand Planer Review

The market is saturated with so many planer brands with each having its own unique set of features. Choosing the best one for you can be stressful however, as long as you understand what you intend to use it on, your decision should be easy. The TACKLIFE EPN01A is certainly one of those tools used by contractors at job sites because it is very portable and built to produce good results. Everything this tool touch turns out amazing because of its wonderful features.

What’s the price?

The EPN01A Key Features

  • Strong and powerful tool – TACKLIFE EPN01A has two double-sided blades that can produce 16500 RPM because of the 6 Amp motor. It’s thanks to this motor that you’re able to get smooth and clear cuts as well as 82mm cutting width.
  • Precision and accuracy – You can achieve both of these at the same thanks to the aluminum base. The ratcheting depth knobs is also an excellent addition to the tool because it allows you to change the fool-proof settings of depth increments. The range is from 0 inches to 5/16 inches making it a tool that also offers versatility. 
  • Durable – When you buy power tools, you never want them to break after a short period and you get plenty of durability with this tool thanks to the rubber drive belt. 
  • Multi-purpose tool – Whether you are right or left-handed, the EPN01A allows you to pick the direction you want the chips to blow out from thanks to the dual switch and exhaust ports. This all depends on where you’re standing while you work and the fact that you get to choose blowing direction and what hand to use just makes this tool essential for anyone who does a lot of DIY work.


  • Can be used on a variety of applications – TACKLIFE EPN01A is not one of those that is only restricted to one particular job. There are so many jobs you can use it on and get incredible results like chamfering post and handrails, levelling framing lumber, and smoothing of edges. With the right accessories in your hands, there is more you can do with this tool. You can also perform things like tapering and shaping wood, scribing countertops and cabinets, bevelling door edges, and more.
  • Has a parallel fence bracket – This feature ensures that your cuts are correctly measured and straight at the same time.
  • Kickstand – Sometimes during rest mode,  the blade of your tool can touch the piece you’re working on by accident which can cause dents or damage. To prevent this from happening, there is a kickstand that ensures the tool stays in one place.
  • Can be connected to a vacuum – When you are chipping wood off surfaces, debris or chips fall on the floor creating a mess. Tidying up is very tedious however, you can connect this tool’s dust chute to your vacuum cleaner. This lets you clean and works at the same prevent messes on your floor.
  • Cheaper than other models – Sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your hands on a good quality tool. This planer is excellent value for money because it is affordable which works well for people with little money to spend plus you get a lot of great features.


  • Bulky – If you’re looking for a lightweight planer, this is not the tool for you. At 3.22kgs, you will find this tool bulky and tricky to work with unless you are an experienced DIYer or professional. You are better off buying a lightweight mode and not risk buying this one if you don’t have enough experience with planers because the last thing you want is to hurt yourself. 
  • Corded and might cause injuries – The best part about electric powered tools is you don’t have to worry about charging or buying chargers. You will get power supplied to a tool as long as it is connected to a socket however, if you get tangled up in wires, you might suffer an injury if you’re not careful.

Final Thoughts

Overall the TACKLIFE EPN01A  is an efficient and powerful tool that is budget-friendly and highly recommended by many professionals and DIYers. What you get here is something that guarantees a top-quality finish all the time which is rare for something in its price range. It is powerful, reliable, and efficient which are the 3 major things you need to look for before you spend money on power tools and this one gives you all of them and more.

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