TACKLIFE EPN02A 900W Electric Hand Planer Review

The Tacklife EPN02A is a very good investment for anyone who works with stubborn wood and any other tasks that involve wood. It has an incredible 7.5Amp/900W motor made of pure copper. It can deliver 29000 cuts per minute for an efficient and smooth cut.

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The EPN02A Key Features

  • Accurate – TACKLIFE EPN02A has a calibrated depth that is adjustable from ⅛ inches to 1/96 inch increments. Thanks to the cutter depth adjustment button, you can adjust the depth depending on the material you’re working on.
  • Durable – This incredible planer has a finely processed aluminum bottom plate which ensures the wood you planed is flat and smooth every time. It also has a rubber drive belt that provides increased belt durability and makes the tool last long.
  • Double switch – This feature was put on this planer to prevent accidents from happening to keep users safe. Unfortunate events can happen when working with power tools due to a variety of reasons like being careless and many people suffer serious injuries when they are not careful. Tacklife made safety a priority because a tool from a brand name that causes injuries affects the reputation of the company both short term and long term. 
  • Rubber coated handle – Working with a tool that feels like it’s working against you rather than with you is not great. Your results will be lackluster because you are not in full control of the tool. The rubber-coated handle provides comfort and ensures you can work for a very long time before you feel tired. As long as you have a tight grip, you will not lose control while working with this tool. 
  • Long power cable – Since this tool is electric power, it has a cable that’s 10 feet long. This cable allows you to work with freedom without being restricted; however, you need to be careful moving around because trips and falls can happen. 
  • Parallel fence bracket and rabbeting guide – The parallel fence bracket on this planer keeps your cuts with the edge of the board straight and accurate. You also get rabbets up to 1-inch in size with the adjustable rabbeting guide that comes with the tool.
  • Can be connected to a vacuum – By flicking a switch, you can connect this planer to your vacuum to clean up any wood chips or messes.
  • Automatic spring-loaded kickstand – The kickstand stops any unintentional blade-to-workpiece contact during times the tool is not used protecting the blades and workpiece from damage. The kickstand can also automatically spring back into the groove, keep it level with the underside of the machine when you’re busy working. This ensures that it won’t cause any impact on your work and damage the wood board.


  • Unlimited supply of power – Since there are no batteries involved and it needs to be plugged into a socket, you get an unlimited supply of power without having to worry about runtime.
  • Extremely powerful – TACKLIFE EPN02A has a 900W motor and blade drum with two double-sided blades rotate at 16500 RPM which is more than the majority of the models on the market. This ensures you get a clean and smooth cut that looks professionally done.
  • Lightweight – The weight of this tool helps combat user fatigue which is something many people suffer from when they’ve been working on a project for a very long time. 
  • Great versatility – The tool has dual exhaust ports and switches which lets you choose between using it with your left hand or right hand. You can also choose the side to blow chips out of depending on which side you stand on the planer when you are doing your work.
  • Practical – This tool has a contoured top handle and convenient trigger switch making it easy to operate and use. There are also 3 chamfering grooves on this planer that give you options for edge chamfering.


  • Potential for trips and falls to happen – Trips and falls can happen because of the 10-foot cable this tool has. If one isn’t careful while working, they can get tangled up which can cause accidents.

Final Thoughts

The Tacklife EPN02A is a tool that was manufactured by a company that inspires its customers to live a secure and convenient life. This high-quality tool has a very attractive design and features that will help you perform your tasks without laboring.

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