VonHaus 3500128 900W

VonHaus 3500128 900W Electric Hand Planer Review

VonHaus is a leading manufacturing industry with products spanning from furniture, entertainment accessories, DIY machines, and many other devices. Even more, the company is a top brand in the power tool industry. It claims to design each product with the customers in mind by providing excellent value at an affordable price. The VonHaus 3500128 is an electric power 900W planer that does not mar this mission.

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The planer is a high-speed and robust machine that provides an overall excellent performance in planning operations. Alongside its outstanding shaping abilities, the tool comes with so many features that can compete with every other brand in the market. Yet, the rapid oscillating device is particularly suitable for fitting wood and correcting splinters, chips, misshapen edges, and for fixing doors. 

Some Unique Features Of The 3500128

  • High speed and power: High cutting speed alongside a high power motor are the requirements for smooth cuts. So, the higher these factors are, the more precise the cut will be. The VonHaus 3500128 900W planer offers an impressive 33,000 cuts per minute at a planing capacity between 0 to 1/16 inches. Also, the machine provides a generous motor power of 900 watts and a drum speed of 16,000 rpm to facilitate accurate planning on the workpiece.
  • Excellent cutting width: Most high-end planers come with a standard cutting width of 3.5 inches. That is because this width is suitable for almost all DIY and professional applications. Even more, going farther than that distance may increase the tool’s ability to handle larger items like struts, panels, or furniture. On the other hand, it will also increase its overall weight. Like those high-quality planers, this model comes with a standard cutting width of 3.5 inches. 
  • Grooves: For effective cutting of angled workpieces along a corner, the base plate of the planer must be able to adjust. This planning device comes with an adjustable base plate with three grooves that allows a smooth and easy cut at angle 45 degrees.
  • Guide fence: Shaping woods into a perfect square at its edges will require the planers to have a guide or fence. With a longer guide, the passes become more accurate. Albeit, this planer provides an excellent guide for straight cuts, jointing, and chamfering. 
  • Lock-on switch: This tool features a lock-on button that improves its ease of use. Precisely, triggering this switch will keep the machine running at its current speed for the entire planning operation.

Other Features Of The 900W Planer

  • Excellent durability: Unlike other devices, electric planers require more than a sturdy construction to improve its lifespan. The motor speed and power is also a factor that determines the lifespan of this kind of tool. With excellent speed and power, this planer can easily handle heavy-duty tasks without excessive stress on its parts. Thus, making it last longer than any other electric hand planer with lesser motor. 
  • Soft grip handle: Power tool vibrate when running. Albeit, the construct disallows a considerable chunk of the vibrations from getting to the user. The soft grip handles on this device provides such feature alongside a comfortable handling of the tool.
  • Corded 
  • Extra auxiliary handle
  • Right/Left dust extraction and detachable dust bags
  • Built-in Rabbet depth guide for window and door jambs
  • Depth adjustment dial

Product Warranty

VonHaus 3500128 comes with an excellent warranty. The 2-year warranty on this product demonstrates the manufacturer’s trust in its quality and durability.

Also, there is a 30-day return policy on this machine. However, it must be unused and be in its original retail packaging. 


  • Superior quality construct
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals as well. 
  • High power and high-speed motor
  • Smooth and accurate finish


  • Dust bag fills up too quickly

Bottom Line

VonHaus 3500128 is a top power planner that delivers an excellent performance. The machine is suitable for beginner artisans and professional woodworkers. Its features and overall performance are superb for its price. Also, the device can withstand heavy commercial use without breaking down and is suitable for simple DIY tasks. There is hardly a wrong or weak part in this machine asides that the dust bag gets full too quickly. However, this is a common problem with many other top products from leading brands.   

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  • Adjustable base plate
  • Guide fence
  • Dust extraction
  • Rabbet depth guide
  • Depth adjustment dial

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