Bosch GKF 12 V-8

Bosch GKF 12V-8 Brushless Router Review

The Bosch GKF 12V-8 is the world’s first compact router that features a 12V battery. It is a useful tool that features some excellent qualities such as a brushless motor, which allows the machine to have a longer battery run-time. The router also has an ergonomic design that enables maximum comfort to the user and is very light-weight. It is a cordless router that has adjustable settings along with drop detection for extremely safe use.

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The GKF 12V-8 Features

  • Maximized Comfort: The GKF 12V-8 router has a design that maximizes comfort. It is a compact tool with a stylish design. It has excellent gripping circumference which allows better hold, even while using only one hand. Due to its lightweight, it very easy to be precise with the tool which makes it easier to work in harder work areas. The ergonomics of this tool’s design allow superior handling and precise control over the router.
  • Drop Detection: This router has built-in drop detection sensors. This means that the tool automatically stops working if you accidentally drop it. This clever feature provides you the safety you need while working.
  • Macro Depth Adjustment: The brushless router also has macro depth adjustment settings to work in different types of material surfaces. This also provides precise control over the adjustments.
  • Safety Measures: the number one safety measure incorporated into the design of this brushless router is the drop detection sensor. The other safety feature is the barrier designed for fingers so that the fingers of the user stay protected from the running bits.
  • Spindle Lock: The spindle lock makes switching between different cutting bits easier as well as safer.
  • Multiple accessories: The Bosch tool comes with multiple accessories such as various bits and collets. The original 12V battery has an excellent lifetime but when needs a replacement; the Bosch batteries are perfectly compatible with this device.
  • Power indicator: it provides maximum control by also showing the battery percentage. This way, the battery life of the router will not hinder your work.

Technical Specifications

  • It uses a 12-V Lithium-Ion battery.
  • It weighs around 1kg only.
  • It features a spindle lock.
  • The router also has a low-noise level, of only 3 dB.
  • The speed of the cutter is around 1300 rpm, providing efficient and sharp cutting.
  • It features a brushless motor technology.
  • It also has a metal base, providing better control.
  • It has adjustable depth and a cutting depth lock, which locks your settings and provides easy functioning.
  • It is about 80mm wide, 144m long and has a height of 250mm.


  • The GKF 12V-8 has a brushless motor and is cordless which makes it very easy to use while the brushless technology keeps it efficient.
  • The design has incorporated ergonomics and maintains an ideal balance point as it has a metal base. The sleek design also makes it extremely easy to use single-handedly.
  • The cutting depth adjustment provides a better and more precise grip over the cutting. The cutting depth lock acts as an efficient feature to maintain the smooth cutting function.
  • The 12V has an excellent running time and is rechargeable. The device is compatible with all the previous models of the batteries.
  • It has a fast speed of 1300 rpm which results in a sharp and clean cutting job.
  • The device comes with a few accessories as well such as bits and collets.
  • It has extremely lightweight and easy handling, making it the perfect tool for beginners.


  • The device is mainly most suitable for cutting and trimming and maybe a little gimmicky for professional use.


Q. Does it come with any collets?

Yes, it comes with 6mm and 6.5mm collets.

Q. Is it compatible with any battery?

It is compatible with the Bosch batteries but any battery lower than 2.0 mAh will not last a long time.


The GKF 12V-8 is an innovative and smart tool that has modern features like ergonomic design and cutting depth lock along with a brushless motor, all this while being cordless. It is the first router that features a 12V battery. Moreover, it has many other features, mentioned above, that make it easy to handle and super convenient both in terms of performance and handling.

It is a highly recommended tool by most of the users as it provides easy execution of tasks and convenient use. It has many user-friendly features like the ergonomic design, drop detection and protective barriers for fingers, that makes it the ideal router to buy.

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GKF 12V-8 Rating


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  • No-load speed: 13.000rpm
  • Brushless EC motor
  • Battery Weight: 1.1kg
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Distinctive design

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