Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ

Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ 18V XR Brushless Router Review

When people see the name Dewalt, they know that a good quality tool is exactly what they will get. The Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ router is a tool that has a good reputation when it comes to what it has to offer users. Its amazing features work well and results are very impressive when the tool is in the hands of someone who knows how to work it.  To know whether or not this tool is perfect for you, you have to look at the features.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight design – Since the DCW604NT-XJ doesn’t weigh much, you will find this router extremely comfortable to use and its compactness means you can use it in tight spaces. This lightweight design also makes it easy for you to travel with it as well as store it in workshops or garages. You can work with this router for many hours and you won’t feel any strain on your hand or fatigue.
  • Spindle lock – Sometimes you’ll need to switch accessories depending on what you’re working on. The feature helps you change accessories quickly and easily.
  • Plunge base – This feature makes precise depth adjustments a breeze. Working with tools that make this task hard to perform can lead to users losing patience.
  • Soft start – Many power tools lack this feature however, this Dewalt router has it and it reduces the movement of the tool when you start it up. This increases the level of control you have rather than being controlled by the router.


  • LED lights – The incredible LED lights on this tool offer you plenty of visibility around the tool so that you can see exactly what you’re doing. Having light shine when working in a dark or poorly lit room increases your accuracy.
  • Easy shut off system – To ensure you’re safe while using the DCW604NT-XJ, the manufacturers made sure they added an easy shut off system which stops the tool immediately to prevent injuries.
  • Uses batteries – You don’t have to worry about tripping over wires or them getting in your way while working because this is a battery-powered tool.
  • Portable – This is one of the lightest routers you can ever work with a weight of just 1kg. You can travel to and from work if you have to by placing it in the back of your car or truck.
  • Strong – The build quality of this tool is top notch because all the material this tool is made out of are some of the strongest you’ll see on a router. Dewalt did a fantastic job with this tool because it can handle almost any and everything you throw its way. It will not show any signs of falling apart which is why people have this router high on their priority list. 


  • Issues with the motor – Many customers have pointed out that when used for around 10 hours, the motor turns itself off automatically without warning. This can be hugely frustrating especially when this happens in the middle of a job.
  • Few heat issues – There are a few heating issues that people experience while working with this tool. When it heats up, it does cause some of the rubber materials to melt and if you’re not careful, you can burn yourself.
  • Expensive router – For all its good qualities, you need to have a fair amount of money to afford the  Dewalt router. It is a very expensive tool which comes as no surprise considering the manufacturer is a big name in the power tools market. If you do manage to buy this tool, it has more things in its favor than drawbacks. Many people are very happy with their purchase and have no regrets when they break the bank for this tool.

Final Thoughts

Overall the  Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ router, despite its heat and motor issues, is a tool that shouldn’t be avoided. It is a very easy tool to use and its compact design allows users to work in the tightest of areas without feeling like they’re being held back. The price of this tool can’t be ignored because many people find it way out of their reach. Those who manage to get their hands on this router have nothing but wonderful things to say regarding the LED lights, run time, soft start feature, and more.

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  • Dual LED lights
  • Compact
  • Spindle lock
  • Precise depth adjustment
  • Light weight design

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