Einhell TE-RO 1255 E

Einhell TE-RO 1255 E Electronic Router Review

Many homeowners will research and try a bunch of different tools until they find one that is comfortable for their jobs. When it comes to routers, one of the best available on the market today for DIY enthusiasts is the Einhell TE-RO 1255 E. It has everything one needs in a tool including power, quality, and versatility. Einhell makes a very affordable tool and you won’t be breaking the bank if you want to add this router to your collection of power tools. The features on this tool are excellent however since it is corded, you have to be wary of potential trip hazards.

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  • Versatile – The TE-RO 1255 E can handle heavy-duty routing jobs in fibreboard, plywood, and solid wood. If you want to change the depth for extract precision, you can do that easier on this router.
  • Chip shield – If you are working with a lot of wooden material, there will be debris flying everywhere. This can cause injury if you’re not careful. Einhell added a chip shield on this tool to ensure that their users are safe from harm when they are working on their projects.
  • Electronic speed control – When working with a router, you wake to be able to change the speed to suit the material you’re working on. Too much speed can sometimes be bad for certain materials causing them to break and low speed can also make a task tedious. It is all about getting the balance right and this feature allows you to get the speed right every time you pick up this router. 
  • Stable – The clever design of this Einhell router means it can stay in one place without shaking while you work. The spindle lock offers effortlessly and quick tool change anytime you need to perform that.
  • No damage to the workstation – Using power tools on workstations can cause some dents or damage to it. This router has a plastic insert on the foot which offers your work surface a high level of protection.


  • Good price – Not all cheap products offer you value because if you’re not careful, you can pay less thinking you’ve got yourself a bargain while you’ve got a rip off instead. For a low-cost tool, you get some amazing features that make you feel like you’ve bought yourself a high-end model.
  • Portable – Some professionals have jobs that require them to get from one place to another. For this reason, it is important to pick a tool that isn’t bulky. The TE-RO 1255 is lightweight and makes it easy for hard-working professionals to not only work all day with it comfortably but travel with it thanks to its portability feature.
  • Ergonomic design – If you work with a tool that’s causing a lot of stress on your hand, it can bring sprains and fatigue. To combat this, a lot of manufacturers tend to make sure that their tools have an ergonomic design. This reduces tiredness and relieves the stress on your hand if you’ve been working all day.
  • Use time – Corded tools have one thing working in their favor that battery-powered tools don’t have and that’s its use time. When you plug in your power tool to a socket, you will get an unlimited supply of power except when there’s a power cut. Battery-powered tools on the other hand have a time limit and need to be charged after the runtime is up.


  • Limited – Tools with a cord cannot be used in places or job sites where there are not sockets. This is where battery-powered tools have the edge over corded ones plus movement is limited. Those with little to no experience will find working with a corded tool extremely difficult.
  • Tips and falls – You have to trade carefully when you’re working around corded power tools because a lapse in concentration can result in a serious injury especially if you trip and fall. Also, working with wires can be very frustrating for some people because you can get entangled in them.

Final Thoughts

It is now more important than ever to ensure that you do your homework on the pros and cons before you buy it to see if it is ideal for you. Looking at what this TE-RO 1255 E powerful tool has to offer, you get a wonderful tool that is superior compared to those within its price range.

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  • Dust extraction
  • Electronic speed control
  • Spindle lock
  • Simple cutter change
  • Adjustable cutting depth

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