Makita DRT50ZJ

Makita DRT50ZJ 18V Router Trimmer Review

The one thing that surprises people about the Makita DRT50ZJ is how incredibly light it is for a router. This makes it the ideal tool to use on cabinets, door jambs, and more. The only accessory you get is the Macpac case for easy transportation otherwise any other accessories you need need to be purchased separately. Just like any other routers, it has its key features, pros, and cons to be aware of.

What’s the price?

The DRT50ZJ Features

  • Brushless motor – Tools with brushless motors like this one can reduce energy consumption extending its run times and allowing you to work longer on projects. This motor also allows your router to run smoother and prevents debris or dirt from entering the inside component. A router that is safe from debris and dirt can work for a very long time without any faults or damage. 
  • Variable speed dial – You can switch speed with ease on the router depending on the material you’re working on while still holding on to it.
  • Easy to remove base – This router’s base can easily be removed and you can fit 4 assemblies which are plunge base, trimmer base, tilt base, and offset base. You only get the trimmer base when you buy this Makita DRT50ZJ tool and the other three need to be bought separately.
  • Soft start feature – It is normal for power tools to shake when you’re starting them up and this soft start feature ensures you’re in control of the tool when starting it.
  • Connectable to vacuum cleaners – To ensure you have a clean working environment, you can attach a vacuum cleaner to this router so that you can clean as you work.


  • Compact design – The dimension of this router means you can comfortably use it in areas with very little room. Even if your workstation isn’t the biggest, you’ll be able to know that this tool will not restrict any of your movements and you’ll produce impressive results each time.
  • Come with a Macpac case – Travelling with a tool can be tricky and the good news is, when you buy this tool, you also get a Macpac case. This router can easily fit in it allowing you to move it around as you get from one place to another.
  • Extremely powerful – The ever-reliable 18V Li-ion battery allows this Makita DRT50ZJ tool to give you speeds of up to 30,000 RPM. This lets you power through every single job including the heavy-duty ones with ease. While many routers on the market offer you plenty of power, this is up there with the most powerful, durable, and strongest on the market.
  • Has LED lights – The incredibly bright LED lights enable you to work in the night time when you fail to finish your projects in the day time. Many people find this feature extra useful and buy it just for this alone.
  • Budget-friendly – For a tool that is made by Makita, this router is surprisingly affordable. It is one of the most affordable high-end models when compared to brands like Dewalt. It has almost double the features of some of the more expensive routers on the market but at the fraction of the price. This tool defines the term value for money just by looking at everything it brings to the table. 


  • Heats up quickly – Its compact size can be a benefit or a drawback at the same time. While on one hand, the tool allows you to work in small spaces, it also makes the tool heat up quickly. This means you have to be careful with this tool in your hands otherwise you might get burnt.
  • Doesn’t come with accessories – You’ll need to buy the 18V Li-ion battery separately because it comes with this tool. This means splashing out more money to ensure you have everything you need and this can be difficult for those low on funds.

Final thoughts

The Makita DRT50ZJ is another great product from a company that has years of experience making power tools. It is perfect for many light tasks allowing you to complete them as quickly as possible. You need to be careful because you can get burnt when it heats up however, it is the perfect tool for a handyman for the price you pay. It is lightweight, quiet, and performs at a very high level.

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  • Aluminium base
  • Aluminium housing
  • Durability and accuracy
  • LED job light
  • Soft start

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