Makita RP0900X/2

Makita RP0900X/2 240V Plunge Router Review

Many routers come in adjustable bases for fixed routing operations or plunge routing applications. This design, as sublime as it is, will increase the overall cost of the tool. So, if you’re only interested in plunge routing tasks and want to save a few bucks on it, you should opt for a plunge router, and our Makita RP0900X/2 router review is a good place to start.

In this review, you will see why this product can be your perfect tool or whether it is not suited for you. Our approach is to place, side by side, the machine’s features and functions, build-quality, and more with competitive products within its price range and see how it performs.

In the end, you will have precise, well-rounded information to guide your purchase decision.

What’s the price?

The RP0900X Overview

Makita RP0900X/2 is an affordable plunge router designed for tackling medium to heavy-duty routing operations on wood, plastics, and aluminum. The tool comes with a fairly powerful 900W motor but can tackle daunting tasks with power to spare. This powerful motor delivers a speed of 27,000rpm, sufficient for fast cutting and routing operation. Handling, ease-of-use, safety, and more are all handled by other exceptional features incorporated into the router.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Drive System: A powerful 900W rated motor is responsible for driving this power tool. This motor rating is fairly small compared to those seen on competitive products, but it is a good deal for the machine’s price. Besides, a 900W motor is robust enough to handle most medium to heavy-duty plunge routing operations. The machine’s drive system can deliver a rotational speed of 27,000rpm for fast cutting with an excellent finish.
  • Construction: If you’re buying a cheap machine, you should expect an inferiorbuild-quality but not with this device. Despite being within the standard price range, there is no compromise on the construct’s quality or the material used on this tool.

Besides, Makita has a reputation for making highly-durable tools with exceptional performances available at an affordable price. This machine features a double-insulation construction- the typical hardened plastic body and rubber coating to reduce shock upon fall improve durability.

Lastly, it comes with aluminum housing and a motor body for lightweight and quick disposal of the heat created from its moving parts.

  • Ergonomic Handles: The RP0900X/2 features a similar shock-absorbent design on its handles as with most top-quality routers- the rubber overmould construction. This construct disallows the shocks and vibration created from the spindle to get to the user’s hands. It also provides a firm, secure grip on the tool. Thus, improving the machine’s overall handling.
  • Additional Functions: This tool has a conveniently located plunge lock lever for efficient operation, a plunge depth lever with three adjustable depth stops for repetitive depth routing with precision, and easy-to-read depth scales. The machine comes in a flat top design for added convenience when changing bits- it can stand upside down when replacing a bit or not in use.  Finally, the router can be connected to a dust extraction system via an optional dust nozzle (not supplied with the product).
  • Included Component: Supplied with the router are a straight guide, two wrenches, a collet cone, three router bits, and one carrying case as standard accessories.

Product specification

Dimension17.5 x 33 x 32 (L x W x H) cm
Maximum Speed27,000 rpm
Collet Capacity¼ or 3/8 inches
Machine’s Weight2.7kg
Maximum Plunge Capacity35mm



This plunge router comes with a 1-year factory warranty. This warranty can be extended to 3years if the buyer registers the product within 30days of purchase. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent construction with highly-durable, superior-grade parts
  • Scale level for adjusting routing depth
  • Superb overall performance
  • Option for dust extraction
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Chip deflector function


  • It does not support preselection of speed

Recommendation and Purchase Option

Overall, the Makita RP0900X/2 plunge router is an excellent choice for persons (both novices and elites) looking for a top-quality,but affordable plunge router equipped with high-end features and offers fast, precise, and beautifully-finished routing.The tool does not allow preselection of speed, so you will not be able to optimize its speed to different work materials, but its overall performance is excellent.

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Makita RP0900X Rating


Our Rating



  • 27000 RPM
  • Scale level
  • Double insulation
  • Plunge Capacity: 0-35 mm
  • 3 pre-set depth stops

2 thoughts on “Makita RP0900X/2 240V Plunge Router Review”

  1. I have just purchased a rpo 900 , an it be mounted under a table and used as a table router and if so does it have a means of ajusting the bit from the top ( I f table) when mo u nted

  2. Bought one ten days ago – still not been able to use it or even able to fit a bit. The so-called instruction manual is grossly inadequate; take the collett out and put the other one in it says. I couldn’t shift the fitted collett, which needless to say was the far less commonly used size (3/8″). Had to go back to the dealer (25 miles away). It took them 15 minutes to get the damn thing out and now the collett of the size I need has vanished despite being kept in the case supplied with the router. By the time I got home, the screw which holds the locking handle on has come detached and the nut which holds it on has vanished, again despite it being in the case. Now having to contact Makita for spare parts for a new unused router! Deeply, deeply unimpressed. I have only been using routers since the mid-1970’s, nearly 50 years, so if you get one of these you will need to be a bit more experienced with them than I am. Never had to do anything with a router before other than take it out the box and use it.

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