Makita RP2301FCXK/2

Makita RP2301FCXK/2 Plunge Router Review

If you’re searching for a powerful, robust, and versatile plunge router for applications on wood, plastic, and aluminum, and you’re willing to spend more money for better quality, you should consider the Makita RP2301FCXK/2 plunge router.

Makita already has a reputation for superior-grade construction, high performance, and innovative design. So, you can always besure of getting a good bargain from any of its products.

We will still evaluate this product’s performance, features and functions, design and construction, and how all of those compare with other plunge routers from different manufacturers within its price. In the end, you will have precise and well-rounded information for your purchase decisions.

What’s the price?

The RP2301FCXK Overview

A short description of Makita RP2301FCXK/2 would be power, speed, precision, and optimum safety. It is relatively high-end,and its manufacturer incorporated so many features, power, and functions for superior-grade performance. The tool has a very powerful and robust brushless motor that delivers, with high-power efficiency, speeds suitable for a wide range of routing operations. Thereare also other integrated options that guarantee high-precision and efficient routing operation irrespective of the scale of work.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Powerful Drive System: This tool features a 15Amp brushless motor with a maximumpower of 3.25hp. With this drive system, this product sits as one of the most powerful and advanced machines within its class. Its use of brushless technology eliminates the brushes and moving parts within the motor. Thus, allowing for more power, energy efficiency, less heat, no maintenance cost, and improved overall performance.
  • Variable Speed Option: With its integrated variable speed dial, this tool allows forpreselection of speeds in line with workpiece material and type of tasks. The machine has a maximum speed of 22,00orpm for fast, smooth routing application but lets you select from 9,000 to its full pace for more versatility.
  • Speed Control: There are three options for speed control on this device. The first is an electronic speed control function that allows the machine to run at a constant pace after a preselection of the speed. The other is its electric brake option that halts the device in no time when triggered. Lastly, a lock-on switch function allows the tool to maintain consistency on the preselected speed when started.These options account for more precise routing operations with increased productivity.
  • Soft Start Feature: This function prevents the tool from blasting at its full speed and power when turned on. Rather than starting at full power, causing a power surge and jerking, the device builds its pace and power within a short while. Thus, prevent mishandling when upon startup.
  • Ergonomic Handles: The RP2301FCXK/2 features a shock-absorbent design rubber over mould construction on its handles to disallow the shocks and vibration created from the spindle to get to the user’s hands. It also gives a firm, secure grip on the tool. Hence, improving the machine’s overall handling.
  • Additional Functions: There are also other useful features on this device. For a start, there are built-in tin LED lights to illuminate the work area for increased visibility. The construct features linear bearings for smooth plunge action with superior performance. A quick-release plunge depth adjustment with micro control along with three preset depth stops provides more precision. Lastly, its oversized ball bearing construction guarantees a long tool life.
  • Included Components: Supplied with this tool are ½ and ¼ inch collets, one spanner wrench, and an extend depth adjustment knob.

Product specification

Dimension20 x 40.5 x 4.(L x W x H) cm
Speed Range9,000- 22,000rpm
Collet Capacity½ or ¼ inches
Machine’s Weight4.7kg
Maximum Plunge Capacity2-3/4 inches


This plunge router comes with a 1-year factory warranty. This warranty can be extended to 3years if the buyer registers the product within 30days of purchase. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Durable flat top design for stability when changing bits
  • Integrated chip deflector
  • Built-in fan with labyrinth construction minimizes dust from entering the tool
  • Double-insulted walls for durability
  • Tool-less template guide system for quick and easy change of bits
  • Extremely powerful
  • Excellent overall operation


  • Quite expensive
  • No dust collection mechanism


In all, we can easily say that the Makita RP2301FCXK/2 plunge routeris an excellent machine and a good choice for all types of plunge routing operations. The tool may be pricier than most competitors, but its powerful drive system, superior-grade construct, and high-end features and functions justify its price.

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  • Constant speed under load
  • Soft start
  • Double insulation
  • Electric brake
  • Variable speed

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