Makita RT0700CX4

Makita RT0700CX4 240V Router Review

Makita is the foremost manufacturer of power tools in the globe. The Japan-based company has over a hundred years of experience, and its products lauds for its quality and performance. The Makita RT0700CX4 is a leading product of this company. This product is a high power, accurate and durable router trimmer suitable for edge forming, slot cutting, trimming on wood, plastic, and similar materials.

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The RT0700CX4 stands out in the market because of its sturdy construction. This build makes it more durable than so many competitors. Also, this lightweight device has a shaft lock mechanism that is relatively better than many other router trimmers.

Some Unique Features Of The RT0700CX4

  • Trimmer base assembly: The RT0700CX4 has an enlarged opening section on its base assembly to provide operators with easy visibility of the bit while working. Even more, it delivers that alongside a durable and round base assembly to ensure an easy to handle, smooth, and fast cutting.
  • High speed: The motor this router trimmer comes with has a No Load Speed up to 30,000RPM. For that reason, the device can provide cleaner cuts and shapes, and is ideal for bits that remove smaller amounts of material. Also, the product can offer a minimum of 10000RPM for the efficient removal of substantial quantities of materials at once. 
  • Variable speed control: Generally, small bits cuts most smoothly at mid to high speeds. However, to safely use bigger bits, the machine should run at a slower pace. This router trimmer allows you control of its speed. As such, you can use the device for small to significant bits sizes.
  • Depth adjustment: this accounts for a precise depth control on the workpiece. Specifically, the Makita RT0700CX4 provides an accurate alignment on the cutting height from above the table using a dial handle. With this option, the woodworker can avoid stopping the trimming process every time there is a need for a change of depth. 
  • High Power Brushed motor: Brushed motor allows alteration on the torque to speed ratio. It comes with a low overall construction cost and can it is easy to rebuild in any case of damage or fault. This trimmer comes with a brushed motor that is suitable for extreme operating conditions. Even more, the brushes are easily accessible in case of service or maintenance.

Other Features

  • Soft start feature: this feature comes only with high-end devices. In particular, it prevents the router from blasting at full speed the second it turns on. For that reason, it avoids a heavy noise and a surge of power that will cause the machine to jerk when running, especially with a big bit in the chuck.

Precisely, with the soft-start feature, the machine starts at a low speed. Over time, it builds up its pace.

  • Compatibility: Along with all the excellent features this appliance provides, it also allows extra accessories. Some are; template guide, edge forming bits, groove, and straight forming bills, laminate trimming bits, and so on.
  • Sturdy Aluminum body housing for better durability and accuracy 
  • Ideal with 6mm & 8mm collets, and 6.35mm & 9.53mm collets.
  • Shaft-lock feature provides easy changing of bits.
  • Rocker on/off switch.
  • Flat top for improved stability when changing bits.

Product Warranty

Makita trusts the design and quality of this product and support it with an excellent warranty. Correctly, this router trimmer comes with a 1-year factory warranty. Albeit, it can extend to a 3-year warranty if the buyer registers the product within 30days of purchase. 

Safety Warning On This Trimmer

  • Make sure you hold the tool by its insulated gripping surface to avoid the cutter from making contact with its cord.
  • Use clamps to secure and support workpiece on a stable platform when using the trimmer.
  • Hear hearing protection if you intend to use the device for a long time.
  • The Makita RT0700CX4 is not suitable for metals. So, ensure nails and screw are not on workpieces
  • Pay attention to the bit rotation direction and the feed direction


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construct
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid when working


  • Relatively low power
  • Limited application
  • Not suitable for longer head bolts


The Makita RT0700CX4 I a superior construct router trimmer. Although the use of this machine is limited, it offers excellent performance, the features it provides. So, we fully recommend this machine.

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  • Variable speed control
  • Soft start
  • Trimmer Base Assembly
  • Constant speed control
  • Double insulated

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