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Silverline 264895 – 1500W 230V Plunge Router Review

The Silverline 264895 is a top-quality tool that gives you amazing accuracy and enables you to achieve precise as well as clean lines. If you want to make holes, contoured shapes and cuts out, you will be at your creative best with this tool and you don’t have to break the bank to afford it.

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The Silverline 264895 will help you achieve clean, precise lines and cuts with unparalleled accuracy. Use it for making holes, cut-outs, installing kitchens, curved grooves and contoured shapes such as mouldings. Nicely designed, you get 1500W of raw power which ensures that all your pieces look like works of art.

Important Features Of The 264895

  • Comes with a measurement bar and guide bush
  • 170 mm base diameters
  • 6000-26,000 RPM
  • 7 state turret stop
  • Adjustable 0 – 50 mm plunge depth
  • Electronic variable speed with soft start
  • Comes with a measurement bar, roller , parallel and circles guides


  • Operates effectively with a soft start: This feature is very important in plunge routers because it stops the router from jerking when you start it up. So many manufacturers add this feature to their tool because they know the importance it places when it comes to how the tool performs.
  • Affordable: As far as the price goes, this is easily one of the most affordable plunge routers you can buy. If you have limited funds and looking for something that will get you through some light tasks at home, this is the tool to buy. You get a measurement bar, parallel, roller and circle guides to help you produce the best pieces and cuts possible.
  • Perfect for light DIYers and small jobs at home: If you are a professional, this Silverline 1500W router isn’t for you because it is designed for DIYers who enjoy doing light tasks and making sure their tool in good condition all the time. If you have heavy jobs at a site somewhere, this tool is not designed to handle big tasks. You’ll need to look for something better and more durable because this will break, however, if you enjoy a bit of DIY in your spare time and performing the odd task here and there, you will have no issues with this router.
  • Powerful: With 6000 – 26,000 RPM and 1500 W at your disposal, all your pieces will come out looking amazing this tool because of its unparalleled accuracy. You don’t really have to put much energy into it, the power of the Silverline 264895 is enough for you to achieve precise, clean cuts and lines all the time.


  • Many customers feel this tool is a bit rough around the edges: There is no denying that Silverline knows how to make good quality products. However, when it comes to this plunge router, many customers question its durability. The feel that it lacks major top quality aesthetics than are found on other popular routers on the market making it feel cheap and low quality.
  • Poor quality control and accessories: While this point is debatable, there are other customers out there who have stated that their router was shipped to them with parts that have failed to meet their expectations. The parts that they need to use the machine effectively were made from cheap plastic which easily breaks or gets cracked. This again raises a few eyebrows and questions about the durability of this product if used constantly. In other words, this tool has a very short lifespan and needs to be used carefully if you want it to last for a long time. Some of the accessories customers have gotten too when they have bought this tool are not designed very well.
  • No carrying case: Many customers are let down by the fact that the Silverline 1500W router , for as wonderful as it is, does not come with a carrying case.


Despite some of the drawbacks pointed out above, the Silverline 264895 is an amazing router to own with some great features even though it is inferior in the quality department. If you are a professional looking for something that will help you power through job on-site, you are better off looking at other high-quality routers on the market. If you are a light DIY user who looks after their tools well, makes sure they are in good condition always, looking for cheap that gets small jobs done around the house, this is an excellent purchase.

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  • Base diameter: 170mm
  • Four collets
  • 7-stage turret stop
  • Circular and flat sided base
  • 30mm guide bush plate

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