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Trend T11EK Router 2000W 230V Review

Picking the right router can be stressful especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you are looking for something that performs very well, offers precision and power at the same time, the Trend T11EK is the tool to buy.

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If you a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, you will be happy to know that this router is one you can depend on for finer detailed jobs as well as heavy-duty ones. Before buying any tool, you need to have a clear idea of the features it brings to the table. This lets you determine whether it is ideal for you or not and below are some of this tool’s best features.

The T11EK Features

  • 1/2in shank collet capacity
  • Phosphor bronze bushings on the twin plunge columns
  •  You get 2000 Watt motor
  • 240 volts power tool
  • Weighs 6.2 Kg
  • Offer you 8000 to 20000 RPM speed range


  • A very accurate tool: Thanks to the unique guide bush centralizing function and a 1/2in shank collet capacity, you get 100% accuracy ensuring your results are spot on all the time.
  • Has phosphor bronze bushings on the twin plunge columns: This feature ensures that you get a smooth controllable plunging action all the time no matter the job you are doing.
  • Versatile tool: This tool does not look out of place whether it is at a job site using jigs for fitting locks and doors, installing worktops, constructing windows and staircases. It takes everything in stride and you never have to worry whether the job is fit for purpose or not.
  • Ergonomically designed: The Trend T11EK is very cleverly designed with everything right where you can reach it. The handles are comfortable, the power switch and plunge level are so easy to reach ensuring you are always in control when you use this tool. Maximum productivity is guaranteed with this tool, especially with this wonderful feature.
  • Incredible speed: They say that the amount you pay for a product says a lot about the quality you get. There is no denying that this tool is extremely powerful and with a speed of between 8,000 – 20,000, this is as powerful as you can get on any router on the market. This makes it easy for you to perform both light and heavy-duty jobs like moulding and heavy jointing.


  • Expensive: A tool that has a variety of features like the Trend T11EK doesn’t come cheap. This tool is very expensive when compared to other routers on the market. While this might seem like a bargain for those who are financially stable, it can be a huge financial hit for those who have a limited budget or low on funds.
  • Questions marks over quality: When you pay top dollar for a power tool, you expect durability and longevity. This cannot be said about this tool because some customers have reported that when put tool to work or under massive strain, it showed signs of wear or breaks on them mid-job. This is not only frustrating but it causes delays on projects. A few customers have had to return it back for a replacement or ask for their money back because it is not a very durable tool in their eyes. Tools of this nature that aren’t strong and durable need to be handled be care all the time for them to last longer. Any rough treatment or wreckless using means you will not have this product long.
  • Heavy tool for some customers: This is a drawback that divides opinion as some people seem to think this tool is too heavy while others think the weight is fine. At 6 kgs, this is a massive tool and something of this size does take up a lot of space in a workshop. Not only that, a tool of this weight isn’t portable friendly. You might have problems fitting it in your vehicle as it will take up a lot of space.


Powered by an amazing 230 volts 2000 watt motor, you get a consistent flow of power and performance with the Trend T11EK router. The top quality finish you get from this tool makes it perfect for professional as well as home use. With variable speeds of 8000 – 20,000 RPM and a maximum plunge stroke of 80mm, this is without a doubt one of the best power tools you can buy at a premium price.

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  • 1/2in shank collet capacity
  • Ergonomically positioned plunge
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • 8000-20000 rpm
  • 80mm plunge capacity

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