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Trend T4ek 850w 240v Variable Speed Router Review

Founded in 1955, Trend is an established designer and developer of router technologies. The Swansea based company has a strong reputation for high quality and operation between three market segments. Correctly, the trade range products, professional carpentry and woodworking, and the craft and DIY sectors. The company aims at producing the best tools for each of these sections at the best affordable price. Trend T4ek is a plunge router for the DIY division. The device features outstanding performance for lightweight applications, hobbyists, light trade usage, or simple DIY projects.

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The router is ideal for routing grooves, profiles, and slots, edges as well as copy routing. Also, at low speed, along with a suitable cutter, the device can smoothly route non-ferrous alloys. This lightweight router comes with excellent features and a sturdy construct. Because of that, it efficiently performs routing operations. 

Some Unique Features Of The T4ek

  • High-speed motor: The Trend T4ek features a motor with a No Load Speed up to 32,000 RPM. With that in view, the device provides a smooth and accurate cuts and shapes on workpieces. Even more, this high speed makes it suitable for high-precision bits that remove little amount of materials at a low pace. On the other hand, the product offers a minimum No Load Speed of 11,500 RPM. This pace is suitable for less accurate bits that quickly remove substantial amounts of materials.
  • Variable Speed Control: This option comes handy when an operator intends to use the same router for different bit sizes. Precisely, small bits cut efficiently at medium to high speeds, even so, the faster it goes, the smoother the cut. In contrast, safely using a significant bit will require a slow pace. For that reason, this Trend device comes with a dial switch to facilitate an adjustment of the machine’s speed.
  • Relatively High Power Brushed motor: Brushed motors allow alteration of its torque to speed ratio. They come with low overall construction costs and are easy to rebuild or repair in case of damage or fault. Also, they operate on more extreme conditions than brushless motors. This router features an 850W brushed motor with easily accessible carbon brushes for maintenance and proper servicing.
  • Spindle lock: Some router requires the use of two wrenches in changing the bit. That is when one wrench holds the motor shaft, the other device either loosens or tightens the collet. However, with this spindle lock feature, pushing the spring-loaded pin or engaging the locking collar will hold the shaft in place. Once secured, the collet easily removes with one wrench.

Other Features

  • Compatibility: Like other top-quality router, the Trend T4ek provides a vast number of features. Yet, it gives room for extra accessories. Some of them are: edge forming bits, dust collection bags, template guide, straight forming bits, and more. 
  • Adjustable twin side fence: The side fence provides a guide for the router when edge profiling, moulding, or rebating the edge of workpieces. It also guides the device when it routes grooves and slots in the center of workpieces, parallel to the edges.  
  • Ergonomic grip: Performing routing operations for a long time may become uncomfortable. Even so, if the grip is not rubberized, holding the machine may cause a callus on the palm. For that reason, this power tool comes with an excellent pistol grip that extends firmly from its base. The handles are also rubber-coated to ensure safety and comfort for operators. 
  • 43 mm diameter collar removable base ideal for die grinding, pillar drill fitment, and carving.
  • 16mm guide bush for use alongside a hinge jig
  • Separate dust spout fixing holes

Product Warranty

This router comes with a 12 months guarantee. Albeit, the offer only applies if the buyer registers the tool within 28 days of purchase. 


  • Cheap
  • Excellent performance
  • Superb handling
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Solid construct
  • High motor speed


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty or commercial purpose
  • Brushed motors require frequent servicing 


Trend T4ek is an excellent performing router with outstanding features. The device effectively handles light routing operations, thus, suitable for most DIY tasks. However, it cannot withstand prolonged heavy use and, therefore, unfit for commercial woodworkers. It has an average power rating but an outstanding speed option.  

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  • Spindle lock
  • 43mm diameter collar
  • 2.8kg
  • 35mm plunge capacity
  • 230v 850 watt

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